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The Day After

What to do with the turkey leftovers? READ MORE

All Cracked Out

Nabisco dumps the 104-year-old Royal Lunch Milk Cracker, and New Englanders are pissed. READ MORE

Fun in Bethel, Serious Scores in New Haven

Kristie and April, troublemakers in the idyllic (and oh-so-chowy) little town of Bethel, Connecticut, wanted to take me for my first clam chowder as I headed north. READ MORE

Time to Make the Doughnuts

It’s man versus machine as a blogger masters the Belshaw Donut Robot. READ MORE

Seafood Shacks: A Plan of Attack

Back home in New York City for a few days, surprised to see trees a different color than they were at my August departure. READ MORE

Is San Francisco Killing Restaurants?

That’s the question posed by San Francisco Chronicle restaurant reviewer Michael Bauer. With a slew of taxes, and new wage and sick-leave requirements for staff, is the cost of running a restaurant in S.F. too high? READ MORE

Forsake All Others

Forget the debate of white versus red versus sparkling; this year, toast your bird with sake. READ MORE

Apples and Oysters

Head up to Sebastopol for a double dose of natural beauty. First, taste some of the many varieties of apples grown by Walker Apples, including Northern Spys, Pink Ladies, Romes, and Arkansas Blacks. Twenty dollars will buy your forty pounds of apples, and READ MORE

At Blue Ribbon Market, Mustard Like Fine Wine

At Blue Ribbon Bakery Market, the mustard can upstage the sandwiches. Benjamin68 has no complaints about his smoked duck and honey on toast, but his enduring memory is of amazingly good Dijon mustard, with “intense, vibrant flavor and an incredibly long READ MORE

Mexico City Flavor

El Huarache Loco stand in the Alemany Farmers’ Market provides a taste of home–if you’re from Mexico City, that is. Huaraches, handmade from fresh masa before your eyes, are fried up with just the right touch of grease, says marlon. Quesadillas made w READ MORE