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Read yourself sustainable. READ MORE

A Real Dive

Are you thrifty enough to get your food from the Dumpster of a supermarket? Two Berkeley residents talk about Dumpster diving for dinner. READ MORE

Instant Entertaining

Low-key holiday hosting. READ MORE

No Ifs, Ands or Big Red Butts

Hay for the reindeer, a tall cold one for Santa? Maine protects its youth from a lifetime of beer geekitude by banning Santa’s Butt Porter. READ MORE

Blasting Rachael Ray into Space

My God. Even in space, where they can’t hear you say “Yum-o,” you can’t escape from the culinary juggernaut that is Rachael Ray. READ MORE

Your Guac Is a Crock

No wonder store-bought guacamole tastes like glue: It is glue! OK, not really, but it certainly isn’t real avocadoes, either—and that’s why an L.A. woman is suing Kraft Foods. READ MORE

Good for What Ales Ya

Winter brings a blizzard of delicious holiday beers. Critical drinkers try to sort them out. READ MORE

Curry by the Book

In search of a true spice education from a new Indian cookbook. READ MORE

Body by Jim, Plus Astounding Ecuadorian Railroad Pizza

I’m at T-minus 24 hours to winetasting. Oh, I didn’t tell you: Tomorrow I’ll be drinking glass after glass of priceless Bordeaux atop a mountain in New Hampshire. READ MORE

Top Schmuck

Watch out, Top Chef kvetchers: If you happen to think host Padma Lakshmi’s expanse of exposed skin in a working kitchen is a pinch inappropriate, you might be as anti-Semetic as Mel Gibson. READ MORE