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How to Tie Pancetta

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Loop here, and then there, and then here again. It's easier when you watch it. WATCH THE VIDEO


Greens Goddess

Cookbook author Deborah Madison spills the beans with CHOW. READ MORE

The Chocolate Wars

With a brand-spanking-new M&M’s World retail store opening in New York’s Times Square, the chocolate wars may be heating up again. READ MORE

Followers of the Foam

You’ve seen them around—waiting for the elusive email from El Bulli, snatching up tableware designed for Alinea, and ordering food-grade sodium alginate. They’re the fans of molecular gastronomy—mad scientists in the kitchen. READ MORE

Booze Brothers

Early in 2007, the fruits of Dan Akyroyd’s wine labor will be hitting the sold-out markets. READ MORE

Time Out Dishes It Out

The latest issue of Time Out New York rates each of the city’s prominent critics, using criteria like knowledge, style, and taste. Why do the food critics suck so much more than the other arts-and-culture commentators? READ MORE

Fresh Out of the Oven

Outfit yourself with these nouveau baking supplies. READ MORE

Day After Wine Tasting: Movin’ Slow

I was a little late in checking out of Chateau Jack-and-Thelma this morning, as was George Sape. George is one of my heroes. He has far too many interests and hobbies spilling out of his over-extended life as a top corporate lawyer, but he’s always ready READ MORE

Gummi Bears for Dinner Again?

Twenty-four bloggers took up a challenge to photograph everything they ate for a week. I’ve just spent nearly an hour drooling over the pics, and I’m not one to get my head turned by just any old pretty food pic. READ MORE

Japanese Spaghetti

Chika specializes in Japanese Western-style food, like meat sauce pasta. And they do it well. Mushroom (kinoko) pasta is better than any Wendy_san tasted in Japan, with noodles cooked perfectly al dente. ... READ MORE