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Great Goat at Coimbra and Other Jersey Iberian Tips

On Newark’s Spanish and Portuguese scene, Coimbra is the bright spot. READ MORE

Soup Destinations, Downtown and Uptown

Cafe Medina is a go-to spot for soup lovers, who especially love the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern choices that turn up alongside the chicken noodle and split pea. READ MORE

As You Like it: Shabu Shabu Sliced to Order

At the new Shabu Ya in Hacienda Heights, they slice the meat to order, right in front of the shabu corner. It’s the standard shabu shabu house fare, in generous portions. READ MORE

If You’re Not Ready to Commit: Opus’s Bar Menu

From the many raves about Opus, you’d think that the tasting menu was the only way to go. But the new bar menu has a bunch of outrageously tasty small plates that don’t require as much of a commitment of time and money, says woojink. READ MORE

Freeing Beautiful Bundt Cakes from Their Pans

Unmolding bundt cakes intact can be difficult, especially with these newfangled pans with lots of intricate details. Here are some pointers. READ MORE

Green Coffee, Man – Roast it Yourself

Roast your coffee yourself. The top source for green coffee beans for most users is Sweet Maria’s. READ MORE

Crunchy Jalapeno Slices (and Okra Pickles, Too!)

Trappey’s brand jalapeno slices are brilliantly crunchy, says oltheimmer. They use a cold brining method that leaves their jalapeno slices as crisp as a good kosher pickle. READ MORE

One Last Bite of Christmas

If you’ve always secretly wanted to nosh on delicious-smelling Christmas-tree branches, why not cook with them? READ MORE

Free Brewski with Your Thai Chicken Pizza?

A new California law legalizing free beer tastings at bars and restaurants went into effect on Monday. Totally awesome? Maybe not so much, say small brewers. READ MORE

Waiter, There’s a Gingersnap in My Salmon

Was it something in the water? The holidays got a little more festive in Seattle as elevated levels of cinnamon and vanilla showed up in Puget Sound. READ MORE