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Making Water Yummy

If trying to drink those recommended eight glasses of water a day is driving you crazy, here are some suggested additions to make water tastier and more refreshing. READ MORE

A Prescription for Chicken Soup

‘Tis the season for flu and colds, and scientists now agree that good old chicken soup does have properties than can ease the misery. READ MORE

Nuts to You

Nuts can be an expensive purchase, but there are some good buys out there. READ MORE

“Eat Global” Movement on the Rise?

Eating locally produced fare may be worse for the world than buying produce from faraway developing nations, the UK’s Scotsman reports. READ MORE

Old-Tyme Flavor

How to season and care for your cast iron pan. READ MORE

Top Chat

Bravo invites you to log on, brave the masses, and discuss your favorite reality shows. Just don’t use dial-up. READ MORE

Weekly Worship at the Farmers’ Market?

In a foodie world, does a weekly trip to the farmers’ market become a semireligious experience? READ MORE

Caveman Posture

Is it rude to put your elbows on the table? READ MORE

Macrobrewing Gluten-Free Suds

The recent introduction of a barley-less beer by megabrewer Anheuser-Busch signals that awareness of the gluten-free diet is hitting the mainstream, The Boston Globe reports. READ MORE

Cafe Artemis

Judith loves the warm, casual feel and great food at Cafe Artemis, located in the Pruneyard. READ MORE