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Western-Inspired Chinese Food

Hong Kong-style cafes and restaurants serve western food for an Asian clientele. READ MORE

Mystery Chicken Part

After much anatomical discussion, the mystery of this chicken part seems to be solved. READ MORE

Kid in a Candy Store

Fresh from Madrid Fusión, a peek into Heston's goodies. READ MORE

No Squirrel for You

New Jersey issues a health warning about lead in squirrel meat. READ MORE

Someone’s Got to Play with the Chocolate

In the realm of dream job, how does spending a month playing with chocolate sound? Sarah Copeland of the Food Network has done just that. Hey—someone’s got to make sure your chocolate soufflés don’t “expire.” READ MORE

Testing Those Table Manners

Worried that students may be losing their culture to the onslaught of hamburgers and spaghetti, a high school in Nagasaki, Japan, has added a new test to its entrance exams—chopsticks skills. READ MORE

Halifax: Faux Turks and Primordial Corned Beef Hash

Cape Breton Island is shut tight for the season, so I’ll be hunkering down in Halifax for the next few days. If I’d arrived just a week or two earlier, there’d have been many more Maritime options. READ MORE

A Tale of Two Restaurants (or, Yin ‘n’ Yang in Nova Scotia)

I’ve traversed Nova Scotia, trading the bucolic salty south shore for the bucolic salty north, where I scored a surprisingly inexpensive room ($125 Canadian) at hoity-toity Blomidon Inn (195 Main Street, Wolfville, Nova Scotia; 877-542-2291). READ MORE

I’m Hatin’ It

An eagle-eyed blogger catches what appears to be subliminal advertising on Iron Chef America, but at least it’s not as bad as Top Chef’s product-laden episodes. READ MORE

Poach an Egg

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