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Starbucks: Left Bitter

Consumer Reports tries fast-food coffee and comes up with a startling conclusion: The newly beefed-up brew from McDonald’s is better than Starbucks’s pricey house slop. READ MORE

Gregoire in Piedmont Is the Best Deal in Town

If you’re seeking cuisine featuring grass-fed meat, organic produce, and sustainable fish and poultry, Gregoire is the best deal in town, says Morton the Mousse. READ MORE

Ariana – Glorious Grilled Lamb in Hell’s Kitchen

Lamb, beautifully seasoned and broiled over charcoal, is a smart order at Ariana, the best of the Afghan places in Hell’s Kitchen. READ MORE

Stellar Coconut Cake at Fort Greene’s Five Spot

They bake unbeatable coconut cake at Fort Greene’s Five Spot Supper Club, says BGRose. READ MORE

Cafe Grumpy – Java Mastery in Chelsea

They pour seriously great coffee at Cafe Grumpy, the tiny new Manhattan outpost of a hound-endorsed java joint in Brooklyn. READ MORE

Royale Burger Is a Real Showstopper

You’ll find a grand item of slow-food/fast-food at B&R, says kevin: the Royale burger. READ MORE

Howzabout a Fish Taco Face-Off?

Determined to pit the kings of the fish taco against each other, Das Ubergeek arranged a face-off between Tacos Baja Ensenada and El Taco Nazo. READ MORE

Super Recipe Search Engine

Wondering what to do with the ingredients in your fridge or looking for Tunisian recipes? READ MORE


Chartreuse liqueur is made from a long and secret recipe of herbs and flowers. READ MORE


If you order salchicha in Latin America, don’t expect something exotic; what you’ll get is a hot dog. READ MORE