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Those Cephalopods

Octopus, squid, and cuttlefish get a bum rap from a lot of folks, but that’s only because a lot of folks don’t know how to cook ‘em. READ MORE

Out of the Crate

Pork-industry giant Smithfield Foods agrees to phase out one of its most notoriously cruel factory-farming practices. READ MORE


In a post that launched some interesting discussion on Serious Eats, Adam Roberts of Amateur Gourmet asks, “Does Cooking Make You Gay?” READ MORE

Top Spoiler

An errant and temporary article on Food & Wine’s website reveals the winner of Top Chef. READ MORE

The Zagat Facade

_Slate_’s Bryan Curtis went out to dinner with Tim and Nina Zagat, and—brace yourself—it was awesome! READ MORE

Virtual Vacations, Food-Blogging Style

For those of us chained to our desks this month and longing for a midwinter escape, the Internet has provided the second-best thing: Travel vicariously with your favorite food blogger. READ MORE

Gated Community: Will someone shut these celebrities up?

Rachael Ray went on a racist Oprah tirade over a year ago. READ MORE

Not Just Rioja

Paul Blow

Wines from the Spanish region of Priorat are the new cult find. READ MORE

A Classy Drunk

Decades-old cocktails get resurrected-- with a twist-- in the country's most fashionable bars. READ MORE

Freeze-Dried Guanciale and Squid Ink Bar Codes

What we learned at Madrid Fusión. READ MORE