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Food and Fuel Duke It Out

The recent boom in the ethanol market has contributed to a drastic jump in the price of corn, The New York Times’ editorial page points out—and that means everyone is going to feel the pinch. READ MORE

Generally Speaking

This just in: General Tso’s Chicken not really Chinese. Next up: Pepperoni Hot Pockets not actually eaten in Italy! READ MORE

New Leave Law Making Restaurateurs Sick

San Francisco is the first U.S. city to be required to offer sick leave to restaurant employees, by a law that goes into effect this week. Get ready for prices to rise. READ MORE

36 Sublime Hours in Newfoundland

First of all, it’s pronounced “New-fund-LAND.” The standard mnemonic offered by locals is, “You must underSTAND we’re in NewfoundLAND!” One cannot overstate the importance of not merely stressing that last syllable, but of more or less clobbering it. READ MORE

Send in the Clones (Stealthily)

Proving itself as big-biz-friendly as ever, the FDA has announced that it has no plans to require special labels on the cloned-animal products that it is expected to approve within the next year. READ MORE

You Say Syrah

Paul Blow

Australia says Shiraz. But New Zealand? It's Syrah. READ MORE

Beyond Ketchup and Mustard

Our favorite condiments for your spreading, dipping, and dribbling pleasure. READ MORE

The Finer Points of Dining, Brought to You by the Melting Pot

The News & Observer reports that chain restaurants are putting more ducats into training their waitstaff up to fine dining(esque) levels of excellence. READ MORE

CHOW’s “Top Chef” Round Table

CHOW editors and "Top Chef" fanatics look back on the second season. READ MORE

Starbucks: Left Bitter

Consumer Reports tries fast-food coffee and comes up with a startling conclusion: The newly beefed-up brew from McDonald’s is better than Starbucks’s pricey house slop. READ MORE