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Sasabune – Where the Sushi Chef Calls the Shots

Sushi at Sasabune comes with two conditions that hounds tend to either love or hate. READ MORE

Fresh Falafel Favorites Around Queens

janie’s falafel of choice comes from Hapisgah, a kosher steakhouse whose sprawling menu also ventures into Italian and Middle Eastern territory. READ MORE

Noodles: The Ties That Bind

Korean-Chinese fusion is comfort food for folks on both sides of that border. READ MORE

Not Just Good Old Glazed Doughnuts

The recent cold snap has had far-reaching effects–on the Donut Man’s famous strawberry doughnuts. READ MORE

Salmon sans Regrets

Unless you have a powerful exhaust fan over your range, it’s most likely that pan-searing salmon on the stovetop will leave a lingering odor, sometimes for more than a day. READ MORE

A Last Course in Molecular Gastronomy

Molecular gastronomy isn’t limited to lab-like pro kitchens; there are fun projects you can undertake in your own kitchen. READ MORE

Corked Wine

In any wine that has been stopped with natural cork, a small percentage of bottles will be “corked”–tainted by chemicals that naturally occur in the cork, resulting in a bitter, acrid taste. READ MORE

In Defense of the Trifle

A trifle is basically a cake soaked in booze, layered with whatever fruit, custard, or other fillings you desire. READ MORE

Put Some Free Meat on Those Bones

A London restaurant is now offering gratis eats to the most waifish of models, in an apparent effort to combat anorexia in the fashion world. Will they bite? READ MORE

Space Madness

The newest food fad in Shanghai: purple sweet potatoes that have been to outer space. READ MORE