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Those Bland Midwestern Tastebuds

Is it true that all discerning and sophisticated palates reside on the coasts? Is the Midwest really filled with folks who wouldn’t appreciate unusual or exotic dining? Midwestern-born Michael Bauer seems to think so. READ MORE

Kitchen Couples Clash

Forget sex on the kitchen floor, couples in the kitchen these days are more likely to be cooking together. But the question remains: Who is on top? READ MORE

Wood’s Poor Cousin

CHOW reviews the best plastic cutting boards. READ MORE


Ben & Jerry’s unveiled its latest flavor, Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream, yesterday, which means you can have “the sweet taste of liberty in your mouth” as soon as it is shipped out to your local supermarket. READ MORE

Salted Coffee, You Say?

Who in their right mind would put salt in a cup of coffee? Someone stuck with a seriously substandard cup of coffee, that’s who. READ MORE

Beyond Sound Bites

McDonald’s gets a bad rap, restaurant reviewers get special treatment, and we should pretty much eat whatever we want without stressing about it: That’s the nutshell summary that some reviewers are giving of The Gospel of Food. READ MORE

A More Refined Beef Tongue Soup

Seoul Gom Tang makes excellent Korean soups, specializing in oxtail soup. READ MORE

Fondues and Fondon’ts

For every need, there is an appropriate fondue restaurant. Robert Lauriston faintly praises Fondue Fred as “fine for the low price.” READ MORE

Catch of the Day – Gorgeous Grilled Octopus at Vespa

A decent but unexceptional Italian dinner at Vespa, with one memorable must-try appetizer: octopus, marinated and beautifully grilled. READ MORE

Korean Walnut Treats at Woodside’s Man Mi

At Man Mi bakery, a contraption that could have come from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” bangs out fresh, hot Korean-style walnut cakes. READ MORE