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On the Chopping Block

CHOW reviews the best wood cutting boards. READ MORE

Owners vs. Reviewers

Restaurant owners are mad as hell at published critics, and they’re heading to the courts—and the ad pages—to prove it. READ MORE

Chocolate Conundrum

In the future, all restaurants are Taco Bell, and all chocolate is Hershey’s. READ MORE

Catering to Kids Ruins Them for Life

Does catering to a child’s food issues create a finicky eater? Will cutting the crusts off sandwiches lead to weight issues and an unadventurous palate? Some think so. READ MORE

Down the Hatch

Competitive eating may get a lot of media attention these days, but sword-swallowing has become the first esophagus-busting sport to attract scholarly study. READ MORE

Do Lobsters Really Scream When You Put Them in Boiling Water?

Or is it a myth? READ MORE

The Best Liverwurst In a Long Time

You can get a heart attack on a plate at Agoura Deli–and that’s a good thing. READ MORE

Between the Clorox and the Kitty Litter

Can you find drinkable wine at the local convenience store? READ MORE

Old-School Egg Foo Young

Egg foo young is one of those dishes that was largely popularized in a bygone time, but is still comforting. READ MORE

On Roosevelt Avenue, a Mexican Metamorphosis

One of the best of the latest wave of food vendors hawks superb gorditas and quesadillas in the afternoons on Roosevelt Avenue. READ MORE