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Smoke Rules

A Texas barbecue primer. READ MORE

Pack, Roll, Aim, Fire

How to eat a taco. READ MORE

Do You Speak Austin?

Learn the local lingo. READ MORE

A Tale of Two Chickens

The San Antonio Express-News has filed a surprisingly engaging business feature about a British pub-style restaurant in crisis. READ MORE

Kopi Luwak Goes Mainstream

Hotel restaurants and upscale eateries are serving up flashy new coffee-related beverages that fetch up to $40 a cup. READ MORE

Better Living Through Bubble Gum

Sure, it causes embarrassing digestive problems and makes you look like a Valley girl. But gum manufacturers (and some gum-manufacturer-funded scientific studies) now claim that chewing the stuff improves health. READ MORE

Portion Problems

If you’re dining out at your average resto but don’t want a meal that would feed a family of nine, what do you do? Suck it up and either gorge or take home leftovers—unless you’ve recently had gastric-bypass surgery. READ MORE

He Fought the Law and the Law Won

In a post–Fast Food Nation world, one might think that Eric Schlosser redeemed the eating habits of the masses. One would be wrong. READ MORE

Peeping People’s Pantries

A Montreal newspaper provides a priceless peek into the culinary lives of several writers. READ MORE

That Coffee Guy Named Wayne

The procedure for acquiring the coffee is a bit weird–you slide your money through a mail slot, and Wayne has your coffee waiting for you in a box outside. READ MORE