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He Fought the Law and the Law Won

In a post–Fast Food Nation world, one might think that Eric Schlosser redeemed the eating habits of the masses. One would be wrong. READ MORE

Peeping People’s Pantries

A Montreal newspaper provides a priceless peek into the culinary lives of several writers. READ MORE

That Coffee Guy Named Wayne

The procedure for acquiring the coffee is a bit weird–you slide your money through a mail slot, and Wayne has your coffee waiting for you in a box outside. READ MORE

Cerrito Speakeasy Theater

The food at Cerrito Speakeasy Theater is two levels above other theaters in quality and one level below in price, making it a very chowish place, says EdwardAdams. READ MORE

Frozen Mochi Goodness at Momofuku Ssam Bar

There’s marvelous fresh-made mochi ice cream on the dinner menu at Momofuku Ssam Bar, says kathryn. READ MORE

House of Dosas Revisited – Crepes with a Kick

Try onion chile masala dosa–potato, raw onion, and kicking fresh green chile tucked into a huge, crisp, nutty, faintly caramelized crepe. READ MORE

Crispetty, Crunchetty K-Town Fried Chicken

Where can you find Korean fried chicken–twice-fried for maximum crunch, like Belgian frites? READ MORE

I Want…A Big Bowl of Pancake

Looking for German pancakes, hefty and bowl-shaped, with lemon and powdered sugar? READ MORE

Carcass Cassoulet

niki rothman shares a method for a sort-of cheater’s cassoulet made with the trimmings from a leftover roast duck. READ MORE

A Passion for Passion Fruit

Passion fruit works well in panna cotta and creme brulee. READ MORE