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Crispetty, Crunchetty K-Town Fried Chicken

Where can you find Korean fried chicken–twice-fried for maximum crunch, like Belgian frites? READ MORE

I Want…A Big Bowl of Pancake

Looking for German pancakes, hefty and bowl-shaped, with lemon and powdered sugar? READ MORE

Carcass Cassoulet

niki rothman shares a method for a sort-of cheater’s cassoulet made with the trimmings from a leftover roast duck. READ MORE

A Passion for Passion Fruit

Passion fruit works well in panna cotta and creme brulee. READ MORE


Store-bought demi-glace–super-reduced stock typically made from veal–should be thick and gelatinous, and should jiggle and “unmold” into the pan. READ MORE

Jewish Dairy Restaurants

Traditional Jewish laws of kosher require the separation of meat and dairy, so there is a tradition of kosher households having all-dairy meals, with no meat or meat products–just delicious things like cheese blintzes, cold borsht, and cottage cheese pa READ MORE

Spanish Wine Primer

Paul Blow

From Albariño to Ribera, better and better wines are arriving from Spain. READ MORE

Secret Society

Consumerist is creating the ultimate guide to “off the menu” items, and you can help. READ MORE

Film Feast

The nominees for best food scene in a movie are ... READ MORE

Wine Online

Where to buy vino while surfing the Web. READ MORE