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That Bizarre Norwegian Egg Coffee

The traditional Norwegian method for making coffee includes an egg. READ MORE

Dancing Mudbugs and Voodoo Beer

Crawfish, Dixie beer, and Gulf oysters all make a comeback in New Orleans. READ MORE

Mmm, mmm … Dahmerlicious!

Dairy Queen’s got a relatively new commercial out on the market touting its new popcorn shrimp. Perhaps you’ve seen it? READ MORE

Want Some Beer with Your Breakfast?

Just the thing for a hung-over breakfast. On sale, for a limited time: Guinness Marmite! READ MORE

Is it Really That Hard to Make Salad Dressing?

We’re all busy all the time—email, voicemail, work, gym, friends, family. But you gotta eat, right? Have we simply become too busy to cook? READ MORE

Bring Wine, Pay Double

Do restaurants ever waive corkage fees? READ MORE

Killer on Wheels

Psst—know where to buy a mobile slaughterhouse? The state of Vermont may soon be in the market for a pair of ‘em, according to the AP. READ MORE

Astounding Macrobiotic (Not a Typo!)

Aux Vivres (4631 Boulevard St. Laurent, Montreal; 514-842-3479) is both macrobiotic and enormously delicious. That’s a radical statement, I know. READ MORE

Good Label, Bad Wine

CHOW tastes wines with great labels and discovers the duds. READ MORE

Kitchen Stuffed

This blog’s got the poop on the latest, greatest kitchen gadgets. READ MORE