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Who Needs St. Paddy For an Excuse to Eat?

It’s unclear whether March boasts more obscure food-related “holidays” (i.e. National Crown Roast of Pork Day) than any other month, but the timing of its celebrations is indisputably the funniest. READ MORE

CHOW’s Sunday Supper Menu

Spend a few hours cooking for friends, call it supper. READ MORE

Blinding Me With Science

... and delicious porterhouse steaks. But surprise! They’re from the offspring of cloned animals. READ MORE

Vacation Tamales

A hearty south-of-the-border “Hola” from here in sunny Mexico, where, resplendent in cheap sunglasses, I’m about to hunker down for a vacation week spent entirely prone on sand. READ MORE

An Exceptionally Large Burrito

gordon wing is impressed with the majestically huge burrito from Hacienda Grill. It’s stuffed with carne asada, rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and salsa. READ MORE

A Very Good Mexican Bakery in Sonoma

Pasteleria La Mixteca is a very, very good Mexican bakery. There’s product coming out of the oven all day long. READ MORE

As Close to Singapore as You Can Get in the Bay Area

The most authentic (whatever that means) Singaporean food you can get out here is at Old Town Singapore Café. Their Hainanese chicken rice is excellent. READ MORE

Get Off My Back, McDonald’s!

Despite the fact that fewer people than ever are dieting, fast-food joints keep forcing healthy options down our throats, reports Nation’s Restaurant News. Have “premium entree salads” overstayed their welcome? READ MORE

If It’s Sunday, This Must Be Parihuela

Clued-in hounds have long known that Peruvian is the smart order at Flor de Mayo, the “Spanish-Chinese” place on Amsterdam. READ MORE

How to Get Fish at Manila Oriental Market

Newcomers might find the fish service counter at Manila Oriental Market a little intimidating. READ MORE