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Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Chili

Welcome to Slow Cooker Sunday! Plug in and chill out on what’s supposed be the laziest day of the week.

This rich, smoky chili is a family-pleaser for the Sunday evening when no one’s coming over, and there are leftovers for the week. With very few ingredients, it tastes more complicated than it is. The smoked paprika and chipotle exaggerate the richness of the chicken and make your taste buds sing. Sprinkle some cheese on top and a handful of crushed saltines. Close the curtains, turn on the projector, grab your chili—it’s movie night. READ MORE

With Moim, Park Slope’s Got Some Pretty Good Korean

Lively, authentic Korean flavors turn up all the time in the K-towns of Queens and Manhattan. In Park Slope, Brooklyn, not so much. But Moim, which promises Korean cooking with "a contemporary spin," came through nicely for Miss Needle, a Chowhound who scored awesome kimchi pork mandoo that outshone the ones at more traditional restaurants. The filling was ample and well seasoned—no dipping sauce necessary. Dolsot bibim bap, the mixed rice dish served in a hot stone bowl, arrived at the table sizzling, and the kimchi was spicier than that at most Korean places. READ MORE

Soba Mastery (with Drinks) at a Fancy Japanese Tavern

In Tribeca, Japanese-Italian fusion is out and upscale izakaya fare with soba noodles is in. Daruma-ya opened a month ago in the former Greenwich Grill space and is already drawing favorable comparisons on Chowhound with downtown destinations like SobaKoh and Yopparai. READ MORE

Greek Sweets for Champions in Astoria

The donutlike Greek pastries called loukoumades—once bestowed on victorious Olympic athletes, now freely available to lesser mortals who actually eat fried, sweetened dough—are the marquee attraction at Café Boulis in Queens. They're fresh and tasty and certainly live up to their billing, wewwew writes on Chowhound. They're also plenty sweet: "unless you love sugar shock," he advises, "take yours with powdered sugar, not honey." READ MORE

One Bridge, Two Knockout Breakfast Sandwiches

Dimes, a bright, cozy café on Manhattan's Lower East Side, makes one satisfying breakfast sandwich. As small h describes it on Chowhound, it's got perfectly scrambled eggs, cheddar, avocado, and pickled peppers. There's good hot sauce, too, more sweet than fiery. READ MORE

Korean BBQ as Good as LA’s Comes to Queens

New Yorkers unimpressed by their local Korean restaurants often look longingly to the vast array of excellent choices in Southern California. Now Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong—a barbecue house whose first U.S. branch conquered LA two years ago—has planted its flag in Flushing, Queens. It's not only a welcome newcomer, Lau writes on Chowhound, it might just serve the best Korean 'cue in New York City. READ MORE

Ramen Burger Dude’s New Manhattan Restaurant Is Good

For all of Keizo Shimamoto's obsessive devotion to ramen craft, he's probably best known as the guy behind last year's food-bazaar sensation, the ramen burger. At Ramen.Co, his new place in the Financial District, he's poised to change perceptions. Shimamoto, a Japanese-American who honed his skills at Bassanova Ramen in Tokyo's Setagaya ward, hit the road to develop the recipes for his opening menu. READ MORE

Bar Bolonat: A Global Take on Israeli Food in the West Village

At Bar Bolonat, Chef Einat Admony sets out to do something groundbreaking with modern Israeli cooking. The result, Chowhounds say, is appealing and sometimes surprising food that seems to come from a place you'd be hard-pressed to find on a map. READ MORE

Adoboloco Hot Sauce Is Our Favorite Burrito Blaster

A few years back, Tim and Summer Parsons of Maui started homeschooling their three kids. Their edible education curriculum called for expanding the garden on their half-acre plot. “Everybody chose what they wanted to grow, and one of the things was jalapeños,” Tim Parsons says. They grew really well, those jalapeños—insanely well. The Parsonses had so many they began turning them into hot sauce. READ MORE

The Chow Hood Under Your Feet: Eating Around Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, the flags tell the story—or at least part of it. Banners in the colors of Italy, Ireland, Norway, and other old-world homelands—often unfurled right next to the red, white, and blue—fly on nearly every block of the main commercial avenues, proud emblems of a parade of newcomers who've continually remade this harborside neighborhood since the Dutch West India Company staked its claim in 1652. READ MORE