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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the NY Chowhound community.

Out of the Past, a Pecan Pastry You Won’t Forget

If Sutter's Bakery in the Village was before your time, you missed out. Nearly 40 years after its ovens went cold, Chowhounds who frequented this shop on Greenwich Avenue can't forget its moist, buttery, yeast-based coffee cake covered in rich toasted nuts. READ MORE

Berries Are Back! Make One of These Amazing Tarts and Pies

Berries are a presence in the supermarket year-round, but anticipation for the summer berry season is still a thing. Turning those warm-weather strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries into tarts and pies is the highlight of our cooking calendar—here are five recipes we love. Serve any one of them still warm, with a scoop of ice cream or a soft, vanilla-scented clump of whipped cream, and leave the memory of the cold months—and bad-season berries—behind. READ MORE

Such a Deal: Boulud Sud’s Prix Fixe Brunch

As upper-end brunch deals go, Boulud Sud's stands out. On Chowhound, Spiritchaser describes a $32 prix fixe comprising three generous courses. READ MORE

Spicy Lanka Cranks the Heat in Jamaica, Queens

After a couple years' absence, the fiery, tropical cooking of Sri Lanka has returned to Queens. At Spicy Lanka in Jamaica, a chef from the homeland is rocking island standards like string hopper kothu with beef (pictured): lacy rice noodles, steamed, chopped, and tossed with meat, vegetables, and a fistful of herbs and spices. "I'm in love all over again," declares Polecat, a Chowhound who first fell for this dish at the 'hound-endorsed Bownie in Flushing, the borough's only Sri Lankan restaurant for years until it closed around 2012. READ MORE

Remembrance of Things Meringue

Merveilleux means "marvelous" in French, but to Belgians it's also the name of a beloved traditional confection of meringues and cream. That's the namesake dessert at Ô Merveilleux, and Chowhounds say it's worth a try. READ MORE

Russ & Daughters Cafe: Stellar Smoked Fish and a Place to Sit

It took just 100 years, as one Chowhound observes, but the venerable Jewish-appetizing shop Russ & Daughters has finally given lovers of its splendid smoked fish a place to sit down and enjoy it. It's about time, says a delighted howdini, who finds the sable at two-week-old Russ & Daughters Café "sublime, absolutely melting in the mouth." READ MORE

Slow Cooker Red Pepper Butternut Squash Soup

This week I was going to attempt a hard-core chili (no beans, no veg) but I haven't nailed the spices yet, plus requests for a vegetarian Slow Cooker Sunday have been echoing down the pipeline. I hear you—the meatball sandwiches from Chef Huw Thornton we all devoured in the CHOW Test Kitchen were fantastic (stay tuned for Huw's recipe post), but that was the final meaty straw. Time to slow down with a delicious vegan soup. READ MORE

New York City’s 7 Ramen Hot Spots

Soup's on. Noodles, too. New Yorkers are now slurping ramen that's as good as it's ever been in this town, and it's only getting better. If this sounds like old news, it's because local standards have been on the rise for several years thanks to worthy arrivals from Kyushu's Ippudo to Hokkaido's Santouka, from Jin Ramen in Harlem to Hide-chan and Totto in Midtown to Chuko, Ganso, and Dassara in Brooklyn. READ MORE

Mar’s: Seafood and a Speakeasy Vibe in Queens

The decades fall away when you step into Mar's, whose period décor and sultry speakeasy mood create a dark, handsome setting for American cooking with Mediterranean accents and an appealing raw bar. Chowhounds describe an excellent seafood platter of oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp, and crab; satisfying braised short ribs over polenta with roasted Brussels sprouts; and a well-balanced salad of celeriac, beets, and other root vegetables, enriched by poached egg and Gruyère. READ MORE

At Black Seed in Nolita, the Montreal Bagels Are Smoking Hot

Who knew a Montreal-inspired bagel would cast a Cronut-like spell on otherwise sensible New Yorkers? Yet there they were, lining up on Elizabeth Street outside Black Seed Bagels soon after the bakery-café opened two weeks ago. READ MORE