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This LA Sandwich Is Like a Vegan McGriddle, Sir Nasty–Style Optional

You ask what’s my favorite sandwich, I say it's the Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich from a health-food boutique called Locali (locations in Hollywood, Venice, and as Localita, in DTLA). It tastes like what you hoped the McGriddle would’ve lived up to except it's vegan. I’m just as surprised as you are. READ MORE

Our 4/20 Q&A with Nguyen Tran, LA’s Weed-Cuisine Pioneer

Nguyen Tran, an ambassador of the underground dining scene in LA, held two cannabis pop-up dinners back in 2012 along with renegade chef Laurent Quenioux. The restaurant Starry Kitchen, which he runs with his wife, Thi Tran, started illegally in an apartment. READ MORE

It’s Slow Cooker Sunday! Make This Spicy Pulled Pork.

This variation on pulled pork highlights flavors from Mexico, with a touch of the Yucatan. It's one of my favorites for Slow Cooker Sunday. The tart flavor of the tomatillos balances the earthy, slightly smoky achiote spice; the sweet-sour orange juice balances the spicy jalapeños. They all merge with the richness of the pork shoulder to make something really delicious and laid-back. READ MORE

Chefs and 420: A Taste of Weed Culture from America’s Cooks

You know we’ve already turned some corner as a society when “haute” shows up as a word to describe stoner cuisine in the nation's paper of record. Mixing different types of cereal in one bowl won’t cut it anymore. It’s gone beyond late-night tacos from the lonchera. (Though both are still plenty fine.) Braised beef, pork belly, and bacon have made their way into the conversation, and with the growth of dispensaries (at one point they outnumbered Starbucks in Los Angeles), we’ve seen an influx of cannabis edibles that put first-time pot brownies to shame. READ MORE

Where to Buy Amazing Flour Online

It’s a brave new world for the home baker. In the now-distant past (as late as a year ago, actually), if you were serious about making bread at home the only decision about flour you had to make was which unbleached white flour gave the best lift and the chewiest crumb. But a revolution in grains, driven by a revival of heirloom grain production and stone milling, has made the options way more interesting. Where to score this amazing bounty online? Read on: READ MORE

Kosher Soul: Michael W. Twitty on Freedom, Diversity, and the Passover Table

Passover is a Jewish holiday celebrating a journey of emancipation, symbolized by food on the Seder plate. That’s fertile ground for a culinary historian who also happens to teach Judaic Studies. Talking with writer, historian, and chef Michael W. Twitty is to pivot around several simultaneous conversations: Judaism, blackness, history, activism. Twitty susses these things out on his food blog, Afroculinaria. The site is dedicated to preserving and reconstructing the diaspora cooking traditions of the antebellum South, and looks into identity matters of being both black and Jewish (or what he calls “Kosher/Soul”). Pesach, the Hebrew word for Passover, translates as “mouth speak.” We thought it was the perfect moment to ask Twitty to mouth-speak his own thoughts on his favorite holiday, and what he plans to cook for Passover this year. READ MORE

Crispy Baked Asparagus Fries

Community-sourced goodness: On our General Topics board, in a discussion about current food obsessions, AngelalD posted this recipe for panko-coated asparagus “fries” good enough for kids and other veggie skeptics (“Husband loved them!” AngelalD notes) to become, um ... obsessed. READ MORE

Making Matzo Ball Soup for Passover with the Wise Sons Deli Guys

Leo Beckerman and Evan Bloom opened Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen in San Francisco’s Mission District in 2012 after carving out space in the city’s pop-up food scene, and last year launched a second location at SF’s Contemporary Jewish Museum. Bloom and Beckerman make things like pastrami and rye and babka like chefs, by hand, merging 20th-century-deli tradition with 21st-century craft. With Passover around the corner (it starts April 14), we asked the guys to Kitchen Coach us through their version of matzo ball soup, which is light, full of flavor, and would not make anyone’s grandma roll her eyes about kids these days. READ MORE

LA’s Cheese Shop Sandwiches Are Amazing

Like sommeliers discussing '95 Petrus, cheesemongers weigh in on Appenzeller with a deep level of flavor knowledge, an authority that translates to sandwiches. That’s why LA cheese shops have become my new sandwich temples. A good cheese shop puts thought into which protein, spread, or vegetable pairs well with any given cheese on a sandwich, even a strong blue (think Asian pear and honey). "Our whole point is to complement the cheese," says Maggie Ehler, one of the cheesemongers and managers of The Cheese Store of Silverlake. READ MORE

Roy Choi’s POT Is Essential to Understanding LA Right Now

Only Roy Choi could spin floral cotton bibs as OG status at his new K-Town place, POT. The restaurant is Choi’s unabashed take on Korean food, more straightforward than his previous fusion projects, Kogi and Chego. Tying on a bib is the least we can do for Choi, someone who's given so much to LA dining and culture. Besides, you'll need one, sitting down for a meal of bold, deep flavors from boiling cauldrons of Korean stews. READ MORE