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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the LA Chowhound community.
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Burgers Beefed Up With Juice

At the Bloom Café and the York. READ MORE

“Field Chicken” and Other Delights from Szechuan

Hon Yei fills the Szechuan hole in San Gabriel Valley. READ MORE

The Real Best Szechuan in SoCal

The management team from Best Szechuan has opened a new restaurant in Cerritos/Artesia. READ MORE

Getting Crafty

Tom Colicchio’s Craft is open in Century City. READ MORE

More of Mozza

Osteria Mozza, the long-awaited counterpart to Pizzeria Mozza, is finally open … but good luck getting in the door. READ MORE

Luck of the Draw

Pure Luck, formerly a Korean-Chinese joint, is now a pub with Fat Tire ale and vegan appetizers. READ MORE

The Great White Loaf

Asian bakeries that specialize in light, springy, sweet processed white bread. READ MORE

Sea Smoke Signals in SGV

If you like wine with your Chinese food, stop by Wing Hop Fung. READ MORE

This Must Be Plov

Bring your friends and get ready for a Central Asian feast at Uzbekistan. READ MORE

Good Times for Guys and Dals

23rd Street Café is a great find for unpretentious and delicious home-style Punjabi food. READ MORE