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Sotto’s Steve Samson: 5 Great Bites in Los Angeles

There’s an impressive new crop of Italian restaurants in LA: Bucato, The Factory Kitchen, Maccheroni Republic, Bestia—they’re the leading edge of a pastakrieg. But through it all, Sotto has remained one of the better options for Southern Italian rustic, serving hearty ragus and Neapolitan pizzas and securing its hold on best lists by LA Weekly and Jonathan Gold. Chef Steve Samson of LA's Sotto recently gave us the scoop on his favorite local comfort food destinations (not counting those summertime family meals with Mom and Grandma on trips to Italy). READ MORE

Bestia’s Menashe and Gergis: 5 Great Bites in Los Angeles

Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis are the husband-and-wife team behind Bestia, a restaurant on the outskirts of LA’s Arts District with what Jonathan Gold calls some of the most purely Italian dishes in Los Angeles. Here's what they love to eat for cheap. READ MORE

Gobs of Mayo Saved This Negitoro Bowl!

Scoping out single-vessel culture in Los Angeles, America's capital of laid-back food.

Next to Daikokuya, a ramen shop in Little Tokyo known for its boiled bone marrow tonkotsu broth, is Marugame Monzo, another Japanese soup shop specializing in handmade udon and, lo and behold, a negitoro bowl for only $5.50. READ MORE

The Burrito Bowl Nobody Seems to Order

Cactus Taqueria #2 in LA's Koreatown might not have the character of one-off taco joints, but it certainly has a dependable product and a legion of late-night customers. No one seems to order the rice bowls. Justin Bolois finds out why. READ MORE

Sqirl’s Jessica Koslow: 4 Great Dishes in Los Angeles

No question that Jessica Koslow’s Sqirl in Silver Lake is LA’s quintessential neighborhood café, and more. LA Weekly’s Besha Rodell called the food “stunning.” She's right—Koslow’s refined versions of rice bowls, quiches, pastries, brioche toast, and house-made jam are all perfect. READ MORE

Churro Borough: Aftermath of a Frenzy

“I officially gave my two weeks’ notice,” says Churro Borough's Sylvia Yoo. That is, of course, in reference to her interior design job. Yoo’s life turned around two weeks ago when her churro ice cream sandwich creations took the food world by storm—pegged, perhaps mistakenly, as the next Cronut—while making appearances over radio airwaves and in Time magazine. READ MORE

Best 4th of July Recipes

Somehow, the official start of summer and the longest day of the year have already come and gone. Take advantage of the outdoors before summer slips away! Whether you're planning a picnic in the park, a backyard barbecue, or a rooftop dinner party, we’ve got recipes to fuel your next alfresco gathering. First up: the Fourth of July. READ MORE

Wexler’s Makes the LA Jewish Deli Meaningful Again

The deli is arguably the most hallowed place for secular Jews. It is a meeting ground for families to mourn or celebrate; a place to nourish the mind and stomach with absurdly large portions of food; a vestigial gateway to our grandparents, who fed us fistfuls of lox while murmuring foreign Yiddish phrases. For many, delis are at the center of reform Jewish life, a tradition that links us to a past that at times seems inscrutable, or even remote. READ MORE

Ice Cream, Fresh from the Cow

For most of us ice cream is an urban pleasure. Like bars and food trucks, scoop shops define a city. But for Jenny Ko and Alex Saneski, ice cream is an extension of farm life. READ MORE

McConnell’s Ice Cream Is Coming to LA’s Grand Central Market

Michael Palmer put the health of his future on the line for a legendary brand of Santa Barbara ice cream (the best ice cream, he might tell you). READ MORE