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Coffee With…

Those who don’t drink their coffee black must keep some sort of “creamer” on hand. But when they run out, as they inevitably do, the artificial stuff fails to appeal. READ MORE

Potatoes in the Raw

Eating raw potatoes may not be popular in this country, but it’s common in China. READ MORE

Whozu? Yuzu!

Yuzu juice has just become something of a mysterious holy grail for Chowhounds. READ MORE

Daim Cake at Ikea

The Swedes love Daim cake. It’s made from an almondy biscuit batter that yields a thin cake. The cake is covered with chopped pieces of Daim candy (similar to Heath bars) and milk chocolate. It’s very sweet and rich. READ MORE

Italian Meal Courses

The traditional ordering of courses for a classic Italian meal, says Robert Lauriston, is as follows… READ MORE

Asian Potato Salad

Don’t be surprised to see mayo-based potato salad as an accompaniment to Japanese food or served as a “panchan” with a Korean meal. READ MORE

Licorice, Anyone?

Licorice comes in black, red, salty, or sugarless varieties. Here are some of the Chowhounds’ favorite online sources. READ MORE

China Chalet: True Sichuan Flavors in Florham Park, NJ

China Chalet serves authentically fiery and complex Sichuan chow made by a chef from Chengdu. READ MORE

Corn on the Cob Shopping Etiquette

All those people at markets who tear back cornhusks to expose the kernels (then toss the ears back for no apparent reason, leaving the corn to deteriorate) are practicing shockingly poor corn-buying etiquette, say hounds. READ MORE

Rhubarb Facts and Trivia

Rhubarb is a stalk of many colors, ranging from dark red to pink to bright green. READ MORE