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Odd Candies

There are lots of oddball candies in this world. Chowpatty favors Mexican candies flavored with tamarind, chile, or both. She also loves leche quemada, basically Mexican milk fudge. It’s kind of like penuche, but made with white sugar instead of bro READ MORE

Grilling In Fresh Grape Leaves

Do you have a grapevine in your yard, or access to fresh grape leaves that aren’t sprayed with insecticides? Here are a couple of neat ideas for using the leaves to make delicious dishes on your grill. For an appetizer, Darren72 likes to take a piece READ MORE

Oyster Crackers

Good chowder deserves good oyster crackers! READ MORE

Lobster “Culls”

A cull is a lobster missing a claw. It still has plenty of good meat, of course. READ MORE

Chow 101: Miso

The healthful properties of miso are legendary. It tastes good, too! READ MORE

Getting Creative With Kimchee

Chowhounds love to use kimchee to perk up all kinds of simple recipes. READ MORE

Bob’s Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill carries all kinds of high-quality flours (some gluten-free), grains, beans, seeds, oats, nuts, and other baking needs. READ MORE

Wild and Farmed Salmon

There’s no question that wild salmon tastes better and contains fewer contaminants than farmed. READ MORE

No-Cook Pasta Sauce

Summer is the time for hot pasta with an uncooked, room-temperature sauce made from excellent tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. READ MORE

Cooking Less Bilious Beans

Here are some tricks for cooking beans that hounds say will minimize unpleasant intestinal effects. READ MORE