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How We Made the Turducken of Cheese Balls

How We Made the Turducken of Cheese Balls

Here's how we made The Turducken of Cheese Balls: a layer of cheese stuffed inside another layer of cheese stuffed inside another layer ... READ MORE

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Forgetful Baker

If a cookie recipe calls for softened butter, I'm out of there. Who thinks, "I'm going to bake in four hours," and remembers to take the butter out of the fridge? My life is not like that. If I'm going to make cookies, it's right now, damn it, so I need a recipe that moves with me. And when I say "cookies," I mean chocolate chip cookies because really, is there any need for any other kind? If there is a platter of cookies with chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar, and peanut butter, the chocolate chip goes first every time. And then people take the oatmeal raisin by mistake and sigh sadly after their first bite. READ MORE

SF Food Wars Bread Bake-Off

Yeast affliction strikes! READ MORE

Vegan Cassoulet

A recipe inspired by a restaurant dish. READ MORE

WTF: Hot Chocolate Maker?

You'd have to use it a LOT to justify the price tag. READ MORE

Make Your Own Lox

What I want to make in 2010. READ MORE

Purple Cabbage Necco Wafers

No more artificial colors or flavors in the old-fashioned candy. READ MORE

Candy Corn Riffs for Grannies and Stoners

Who doesn’t love that damn candy? READ MORE

Ice Cream or Paint?

The Cheese or Font quiz gets some competition. READ MORE

Jean-Georges Makes Spices Comfy

Cooking with Famous Chefs at The New York Culinary Experience READ MORE