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Drinks from San Francisco’s Sleazy Past

Barbary Coast cocktails for New Year's Eve It's hard to picture a goldminer drinking anything but rotgut out of a jug. And yet, goldminers and cocktails are interestingly linked in San Francisco history. When the 1848 Sierra Nevada gold strike flooded San Francisco with new money and people trying to make some, a rough and wild red-light district sprang up to accommodate the influx. Known as the Barbary Coast, it was a seedy, dilapidated nine-block-long neighborhood packed with whorehouses, opium and gambling dens, and bars. READ MORE

Holiday Special: Vegan Black Metal Chef Makes a Christmas Yule Log (NSFW)

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Love him or hate him, it's hard to take your eyes off of Vegan Black Metal Chef in all his spiked-gauntlet, knife-licking splendor. So with the holidays approaching, we asked ... WATCH THE VIDEO

Our 2011 Trend Report Is Better Than Yours

2011 Food Trends Report This was a good year for booze, fried food, and cavemen. As the economy remained shaky, people sought comfortable, hearty fare: beer, burgers, pasta. Street food stuck it out, with vendors expanding into new ethnicities. There were new, creative things, to be sure. But by and large, nostalgia reigned. READ MORE

DIY Holiday Gifts Advent Calendar

DIY Holiday Gift Advent Calendar 2011 Making your own food gifts for the holidays not only saves money but is a real expression of generosity. Every day we'll reveal a new DIY food gift that you'll still have time to make and will keep until the holidays. Check back every day for a new project! READ MORE

CHOW Holiday Gift Guide 2011

CHOW Holiday Gift Guide 2011 Holiday shopping may be hellish, but the act of giving is always fun. Here are holiday gift ideas that will suit any type of food-lover, from geeks who want Han Solo icing down their drinks to design junkies who want the coolest-looking new toaster. READ MORE

Make-Ahead Recipes for Thanksgiving

Get a jump on your holiday cooking with these make-ahead recipes for appetizers, drinks, sides, desserts, and more. BROWSE GALLERY

The 2011 CHOW 13

The 2011 CHOW 13 This was the year an increasingly plastic-faced Gordon Ramsay nailed down another season of MasterChef; Anthony Bourdain took aim (again) at the Food Network, this time to bitch-slap Paula Deen; and for a brief moment when Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on the cover of Bon Appétit, it seemed as if new editor Adam Rapoport would turn the magazine into a sort of Us Weekly with Cuisinart ads. Telling as these moments in food were, they weren't exactly cultural touchstones—not like the work of the men and women who make up this year's CHOW 13. READ MORE

How to Cut Hard Winter Squash Without Hacking Off Your Hand

How to Cut Hard Winter Squash Butternut squash, sweet pumpkins, acorn squash, and all those other tasty but rock-hard winter squashes are coming into season. They can be tricky to cut, but we've got you covered. Here are two video CHOW Tips for getting winter squash cracked open safely. READ MORE

13 Hot, Gooey Dessert Recipes

A baker's dozen of oozy, chewy, molten desserts. BROWSE RECIPES

Recipes for Caramel Freaks!

24 ways to get your caramel fix, including cheesecake, bread pudding, candy bars, cookies, and ice cream. BROWSE RECIPES