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Lasagna Recipes for Everyone, from Vegan to Meat and Cheese

8 lasagnas for vegetarians, vegans, beginners, and traditionalists. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Weeknight Dinners That Freeze Well

Meals to make, portion, and freeze for low-stress dinners after work. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

9 Chocolate Beers to Drink for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Beer for Valentine's Day Here's an idea. Forget about truffles for V-Day, and instead consume chocolate in beer form with a loved one. We blind-tasted nine chocolate beers, and were pleasantly surprised that we liked something about each of them. READ MORE

Classic Valentine’s Day Dishes

26 of the greatest hits for your valentine. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Valentine Gifts for the Five Senses

Valentine's Day Gifts for the Five Senses Valentine's Day gift-buying usually centers around one sense (taste) and one thing (chocolate). But we wanted to think beyond that. So we picked out five food- and cooking-related gifts, one each to satisfy one of the five senses. READ MORE

Dips for Any Chip

Dunking dishes for the Super Bowl, the Oscars, or any old time. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Play Our Zodiac Valentine’s Menu Game

Plan Valentine's Day dinner for you and your lover based on the stars. Our magic Zodiac machine will guide you to a menu specially designed to appeal to your astrological signs' unique characteristics. READ MORE

Low-Fat Fish Dishes

25 tasty, heart-healthy fish recipes. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Easy Weeknight Vegetarian Main Dishes

Easy Weeknight Vegetarian Main Dishes Too often, recipes for vegetarian entrées seem more like side dishes masquerading as mains, or they rely on loads of fatty cheese or butter for flavor. CHOW's test kitchen created six vegetarian mains that are inspired by global cuisines and easy enough for a weeknight dinner. READ MORE

Healthy Make-Ahead Lunches

Make these dishes and take them to school or work the next day for a light, satisfying meal. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW