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Duck, Duck … Soup!

Phoo D shares his recipe for a delicious duck soup making use of every last scrap of leftovers from a Chinese roast duck. READ MORE

Warm Caprese “Salad”

Caprese salad is a classic. READ MORE

Freezing Rice

Freezing cooked rice in serving-size portions is an easy way to have an almost-instant side dish, and is nearly as good as freshly cooked. READ MORE

Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is a southern staple, and there’s a good reason it’s called sweet tea, not iced tea. READ MORE

Spicy Popcorn

Chowhounds like a spicy spin on their popcorn. Here are some favorite methods. READ MORE

The Secret to Light and Crispy Beer Batter

Incorporate beaten egg white into a typical beer batter for a light, crispy crust. READ MORE

Reduced-Sugar Fruit Sorbet

Sugar plays a larger role than just sweetening in making sorbet–it also affects texture and freezability. READ MORE

What the Devil’s Got into Your Eggs?

Hounds offer up their favorite variations for filling deviled eggs. READ MORE

Light Lemon Hotcakes: Brilliance for Breakfast

These light, fresh-tasting lemony hotcakes, topped with fruit and a bit of syrup, are a perfect way to start your day. READ MORE

The Secret Life of Condensed Milk

Sweetened condensed milk (SCM) has lots of uses beyond key lime pie and Thai iced tea. READ MORE