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Chowhounds’ picks for the best things to eat in the world’s best food cities.

LA’s Best Spots for Ramen

Here, in alphabetical order, are nine ramen shops generating excitement recently on Chowhound. What are the places where you like to slurp? Jump into a discussion on the Los Angeles Chowhound board.

18537 South Western Avenue, Gardena

A favorite for tonkotsu, with thick, noncurly noodles that pack a real punch.
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11901 Santa Monica Boulevard #111, Los Angeles

The tonkotsu broth got great reviews during this restaurant's soft opening.
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1740 West Artesia Boulevard, Gardena
No phone number available

The first US branch of a famous Japanese chain, known for its delicate chicken-based soy broth.
#3 on map READ MORE

New York City’s Best Ice Cream Shops

In this sweltering summer, New Yorkers are naturally chilling with ice cream. Here's the scoop on nine New York ice cream spots, listed alphabetically, that CHOW readers have mentioned in recent Chowhound discussions.

66­40 Myrtle Avenue (near 66th Place), Glendale, Queens

In a sleepy corner of Queens, traditional flavors star, in both cones and shakes.

125 E. Seventh Street (between First Avenue and Avenue A), Manhattan

This brick­-and­-mortar offshoot of a popular truck goes big with toppings, like dulce de leche and sea salt on the Salty Pimp.

1 Water Street (at Old Fulton Street), Brooklyn

Enjoy old­-fashioned scoops—and sweeping river and skyline views—near the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. READ MORE

London’s Best Pubs

Pubs are everywhere in the host city of the 2012 Summer Olympics: They're meeting spots for friends, destinations for evening meals and Sunday roasts, and great places to sample the range of beers, ales, and ciders that Britain has to offer. As Chowhounds in London are quick to point out, there are some pubs with great food, others with great beer, and still more with great atmosphere—qualities that don’t always converge.

This list of 10 London pubs (listed alphabetically) offers a balance of all three: Each is in either Zone 1 or 2, is walking distance from a Tube station, and has been recommended by multiple hounds within the past six months. While lots more pubs show up on the U.K./Ireland Chowhound board, these 10 are a great start for visitors and locals alike. READ MORE

San Francisco’s Best Ice Cream

For a city that rarely gets hot, San Francisco offers plenty of places to cool down with ice cream. If there's one generalization about frozen treats in this foggy town, it's that they all have a strong focus on flavor. Whether it's durian gelato from Marco Polo, salted caramel from Bi-Rite, or Humphry Slocombe's infamous Secret Breakfast, there's nothing boring about San Francisco scoops. Here are nine San Francisco ice cream spots, listed alphabetically, all mentioned repeatedly by CHOW readers in recent Chowhound threads (click the links to find out more). What are your favorites? Jump into a discussion on the San Francisco Bay Area Chowhound board.

3692 18th Street, San Francisco
Legendary for long lines that reach as far as Dolores Park on sunny days, Bi-Rite churns out high-butterfat ice cream in vivid flavors that's well worth the wait. READ MORE

Boston’s Best Lobster Rolls

Like a lot of us who live nowhere near New England, Chowhounds in Greater Boston are passionate about summer’s quintessential shore food, the lobster roll: succulent hunks of the clawed crustacean mixed with celery, dressed with mayo, and heaped into a toasted and buttered bun. And while you could certainly argue that the nation’s best lobster rolls are a specialty of Maine, there’s no doubt that Boston hounds spend a lot of time debating the merits of their city’s finest. Here are seven, listed alphabetically, from within a 5-mile radius of downtown Boston, that CHOW readers have talked about in the past six months (click the links to find out more). Want to share your own opinions? Jump into a discussion on the Boston Chowhound board. And if you’d like to try your hand at lobster rolls, check out this recipe from the CHOW Test Kitchen. Happy summer! READ MORE