Overheard on the Los Angeles Board

"Bruddah's probably comes closest to what I think of as the Hawaiian Grindz experience. The place is old with a nice 'patina' which reminds me of the small eateries in the older sections of any of the Islands that I've been to." - bulavinaka

"Picking myself up off the floor after reading the words 'sea urchin panna cotta'." - sablouwho on Craft

"I am equally delighted to see that the original chili topping included beef heart as an ingredient (and not, as some have claimed, as 'filler'). That is also the (open) secret ingredient of one of LA's most famous and popular brands of 'brick' chili, to which the manufacturer ascribes the superior flavor and mouth feel of his product." - Will Owen on traditional chili dogs

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