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"In the early fall when they dig peanuts here, they are in all of the stores. ... Fresh dug, raw, green peanuts 'boiled' to perfection is a Southern delicacy. ... People buy them by the sack ... 40-50 lbs. ... cook them up and freeze in small snack size quantities. ... Usually a couple of pounds at least! Road side vendors spring up everywhere selling them. ~~ We always cook up a couple of batches in Crab Boil too!" - Uncle Bob

"What I do is saute some onions and salt in oil, then add water and fresh garlic and herbs from Provence (rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, and oregano) and more salt, and let it boil for a while. If I'm feeling fancy, I'll scoop the herbs and garlic out with a strainer so they aren't in the way when eating. Even onions and salt and water, with nothing else, makes a surprisingly flavourful broth." - strangeattractor on vegetarian soup base

"I've never had the nerve to buy one, mostly for fear that it won't be perfectly ripe, or else too ripe and will evacuate blocks around me. That said, the only fruit shake I'd order in a Vietnamese restaurant is durian. There's something indescribable about that drink. The mix of ice, sweetened condensed milk and durian is magic to me." - 1sweetpea on durian fruit

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