Overheard on the New York Boards

"Everything about it is perfection: The grilled white bread with the crunchy edge, not too salty bacon, a smear of avocado, thick slice of ripe tomato, and just a touch of tomato jam that gives a hint of sweetness. It's a little greasy, pleasantly salty, crunchy, creamy. A must have for BLT lovers—or anyone on the hunt for a stellar sandwich. Their coffee is very good too." – Claire on Brooklyn Commune

"They’ve got a big salad bar with lots of choices. That’s all swell but remember—you didn’t pay $60 per person to eat salad. Don’t fill up on decoy food. The 2nd thing to remember is that they will bring out the cheaper cuts of meats first. Skip them and hold out for the good stuff. (If you’ve got to have something, try a sausage. They’re pretty good.) Third thing. The 'all you can eat' deal does NOT cover drinks. Your check can balloon if you order those fancy Brazilian drinks they’ll try to push on you. Stick to beer or wines by the glass and try to be moderate." – Bob Martinez lays out his strategy at Churrascaria Plataforma

"Gorgeous. And tasty. ... A lovely, huge macaron with a center of chopped lychees and rose-flavored cream. The cream and lychee ringed with raspberries. Rose-flavored cookie part. Rose petal on top." – kathryn on Bosie Tea Parlor's Ispahan macaron (in the style of Pierre Hermé in Paris)

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