Meals That Freeze Well

If you’re looking to make meals to freeze for later reheating, chowhounds have plenty of tips and how-to’s.

What freezes best:

- Hearty soups and stews (e.g., beef and barley, lentil, bean)

- Long-cooked braised dishes and stews (beef short ribs, osso buco, beef stew, chili, curries)

- Casseroles and baked pastas (e.g., sausage and peppers, enchiladas, mac and cheese, lasagne)

- Juicy meats cooked in (or to be served with) sauces

Strategies for freezing:

Divide recipes into whatever portion sizes work for your needs before freezing. If you have space, make multiple batches at once, then divide.

Be sure to label each package with contents, preparation date, and reheating instructions.

Funwithfood lines small gratin dishes with non-stick foil, fills, and freezes. Once the food’s frozen, she peels the foil off and pops the frozen “bricks” of food into freezer bags, which stack neatly. When it’s time to reheat, the packets fit right back into the gratin dishes for serving.

Another handy solution: small foil takeout containers and lids from a restaurant supply house. These are the right size for single servings of entrees or doubles of soup and they’re easy to freeze, stack, and reheat. Sixteen-ounce hot/cold cups (sold at Costco) are also good for freezing and reheating soups.

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