Overheard on the New York Boards

"The burgers were quite imaginative, with kimchi and tomato relish, and many in our group enjoyed the various pot pie selections (chicken and mushroom). The gumbo also received raves, very authentic, reported one who had lived in NOLA. Everyone liked the spicy Bloody Marys, which had a real kick." – Curious Al on Sunday brunch at The Green Table

"Joe's is still there and is still the REAL deal in Italian sausage both fresh and dried. One of Joe's sons runs the joint now (Paulie). My family has been in the sausage biz for over 100 years in NYC, and this is the only place I have seen that even comes close to the original simple formula." – bklynsausage on Joe's Pork Store in Queens

"They now have a good sushi chef, and sushi was really something one didn't consider getting there, but it's worth trying.... They served a natto dish with quail egg, some salmon roe and other things to mix together and place on crisp nori and roll it up yourself. However, beware, the thing in the bottom wooden tray below the nori is not wasabi or spices, it is a hot coal.... Perhaps I had too much sake, but it sure looked like something to spread on the nori." – foodwhisperer on soba specialist Matsugen

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