Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Make ahead so you can make out

This Valentine’s Day, be lazy. Indulge. Forget about boxes of chocolates, plush animals, and overpriced dinners: Treat yourselves to this make-ahead breakfast instead. Our sweet morning meal can be prepped almost entirely the night before, so you can concentrate on staying in bed all day. And if you’re single, there’s no reason not to have a slumber party with your besties and

swoon over the food, presented, of course, on some classy trays. But if breakfast in bed doesn’t suit you, perhaps you’d like our menu for a romantic dinner for two. Or ignore the day altogether and throw a garlicky cocktail party.

Mix up this cranberry-laced mimosa for a blushing cocktail that’s so very holiday appropriate.

French Toast Casserole
It’s French toast that you don’t have to stand over the frying pan to make, loaded with pecans, raisins, and maple syrup for a crunchy, custardy breakfast treat.

Honey-Ginger Pear Trifle
Graham crackers go upscale in this fruit-and-yogurt trifle.


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