Neoslacker Interactive Thanksgiving

Neoslacker Interactive Thanksgiving

Make your friends do all the work

There are two ways to enjoy our Thanksgiving menu:

Cook, invite friends, and enjoy

Invite friends, make them cook, and enjoy

Use the recipes as is, or click the Slackerize link at the bottom of the menu to assign them.

Thanksgiving is probably the biggest cooking event of the year, highly anticipated for all its tryptophanorific goodness. We’ve put together a delicious menu, with seasonality at the forefront. That means no green beans, no corn. And the best thing about this menu is that we’ve made it really easy for you. Go the classic route and cook the menu yourself, inviting family and friends. Or, indulge in our little twist and make them do all the work. We call it the “Neoslacker Interactive Thanksgiving.”

Watch: TURKEY from start to finishAssign out each dish—hell, assign out the dishware and tablecloth if you want. We’ve even got the email already written for you. Just jump to our slackerized version for all the tools you’ll need to dole out every iota of work.

You’ve got a lot of eating to do: Make sure you enjoy it.

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Illustration by Tristan Elwell