Overheard on the Los Angeles Board

"Turns out that new Lazy Ox Chef Perfecto Rocher also happens to be a 3rd generation paellero from Catalunya. His rice is completely and deliciously legit. Great soccarat. As good as I've had in Spain. I almost cried when I ate it." - J.L. on Lazy Ox Canteen in Little Tokyo

"You will get no rolls at Ike's—nothing but great quality fish from one of the best and nicest sushi chefs in SoCal. We were there just last week. Our omakase was 80pp and included just about everything he had available that night: shima-aji, kanpachi, hamachi, binnaga-maguro, bluefin maguro, otoro (one of the best ones I've had in a long time), uni, sawara, unagi, crab, scallop, and ikura. I think that was all of the nigiri (not in the order that it was served). Ike san also had a couple of great cooked dishes, an egg custard with shrimp, scallops and buna-shimeji mushrooms, and a perfectly cooked madai (sea bream?). The madai was cooked in a salamander which gave it a slightly smoky flavor and served over a wonderful and aromatic fish broth." - hambriento on Sushi Kimagure Ike in Pasadena

"Bay Cities on Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica sells bottarga. You can find it in vacuum-sealed bags next to the olives. Note: recently, Bay Cities offered boxed bottarga in addition to the bagged bottarga. Don't buy the boxed bottarga. While quite tasty, it is too moist to grate onto pasta. The bagged bottarga, on the other hand, is dry and grates very well." - AlkieGourmand

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