Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"Hmmm, it has been eons since I've reported on Kam Lok and its yee mein (lobster and otherwise). I was back there for lunch last week, and once again the non-greasy yee mein dish with spongy, chewy, flavor absorbing noodles was the star. This time with shreds of dried scallop, enoki mushroom and yellow leeks. Delectable." – Melanie Wong on Kam Lok in Chinatown

"The sandwiches currently use the same bread that the old Saigon Express used, but the new owners prepare the fillings differently. The bread's never been great, so hopefully they'll switch to what's used at BC Deli. The vegetarian sandwich is an improvement. In addition to slices of fried tofu, there's also a more unevenly shaped product that's pretty good (gluten or soy?). The combination sandwich seemed to have higher quality meat, but it was missing something in the fat and salt department. I need to try it again, but I think they're now just using a normal amount of mayo, and the overuse of mayo helped compensate for the lousiness of the bread in the past."hyperbowler on Saigon Express in Berkeley

"My favorite were at the late Patisserie Philippe, but his successor Bonjour Patisserie seems to be using his recipe and they are pretty good. They are very caramelized." – chocolatetartguy on Bonjour Patisserie's palmiers (sometimes called elephant ear cookies)

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