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14 Soups You’d Never Guess Came Out of the Slow Cooker

The concept of mixing ingredients together, going to work, and coming home to dinner is ideal in theory. In reality, it isn’t always quite so appealing. If you’re uninspired after scrolling through crockpot recipes for cheeseburger soup and canned-bean chili, we’re here to help. Behold, 14 soups—from lamb birria to beef pho—so sophisticated you’d never guess they could be made in a plug-in appliance. READ MORE

What to Do with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Once Thanksgiving has come and gone, we hit the turkey-and-stuffing wall long before the leftovers are eaten. But you can give new life to your surplus by reincarnating the turkey and sides in these decidedly un-Thanksgiving recipes. We even have a couple of cocktails that use the dregs of the cranberry sauce, which always seems to be the last Tupperware in the fridge. READ MORE

11 Unusual Thanksgiving Leftover Mashups That Taste Great

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant for leftovers—go big or go home, right? But if you’re sick of microwaved plates of leftover turkey, stuffing, and sides, here are some ideas to creatively use up the components of the year’s most delicious meal! READ MORE

12 Cocktails to Help You Get Through Thanksgiving

If, like us, you get sick of beer and wine at Thanksgiving, try one of these recipes for a special cocktail (or big cocktail batch) that you can use to impress those relatives you only see once a year. With just a few ingredients you already have in your bar, you can make something that pairs perfectly with the rich and seasonal fare we all love to sit down to. READ MORE

Best Squash Recipes

Winter squashes have a special place in our hearts and on our holiday tables (naturally, the two are linked). From a puréed soup of roasted butternut with a tangy undercurrent of Granny Smith apple, to a salad of roasted delicata slices, we find ourselves eating a diversity of squash varieties in an array of preparations. Here are 6 we make all season. READ MORE

Pondering What to Bring for Thanksgiving? Use This Chart

Accept an invitation for Thanksgiving and you figure you’re in the clear: no need to get up at 4 a.m. to wrestle a corpse-cold turkey out of a bathtub filled with ice and brine. Only you promised you’d bring something, and this is probably the one day of the year when you can't show up with some dusty bottle of cooked Cabernet from the corner market. So here, in convenient flow-chart format, a system for deciding that gnawing question: What to bring? READ MORE

Best Bread Recipes

From quick breads to yeasted rolls, something baked and sliced is always our favorite side, be it a Thanksgiving buffet or ordinary Wednesday supper. Breads can be intimidating for the novice cook, but really, once you get the timing down and (in the case of yeasted breads) a feel for properly risen dough, breads are a snap to make. Here are 10 we couldn’t live without. READ MORE

The Basics: How to Make Apple and Sage Stuffing

Apples and sage are one of the most evocative fall pairings we know—the sweetness and subtle acidity of aromatic apples like Galas or Pink Ladies, with the resinous, piny scent of the fresh herb. We’ve paired them for the ultimate autumnal celebration dish, the Thanksgiving stuffing. It’s a classic, easy-to-assemble bread stuffing baked outside the turkey so the top ends up golden brown and crisp. We designed this recipe to be easy to master, more of a general formula than a strict recipe. Enjoy! READ MORE

Alton Brown’s Roast Turkey is Amazing, Especially with These Thanksgiving Side Recipes

Alton Brown’s Good Eats Roast Turkey recipe from Food Network is a marvel—it yields a tender, juicy bird, wafting heady holiday flavors. Perfect, right? Except even perfection can be improved on, in this case by a whole tableful of equally amazing sides. Here are 8 that do full justice to Alton's recipe. READ MORE

14 Great Thanksgiving Desserts That Aren’t Pie

Although pie is the usual star of the Thanksgiving dessert parade, sometimes you’ve got to branch out and try something new. If you’re looking for an alternative to pie, here are some highly recommended Thanksgiving dessert recipes you haven’t tried yet. READ MORE