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Kitchenaid Mixer and Dishwasher

by girlonavespa 1 day ago

I am so frustrated with the whisk attachment on my kitchenaid mixer!! The stupid thing is not dishwasher compatible a...


girlonavespa commented 3 minutes ago

Roux wisk

by Freq Band 1 day ago

This is one of my favorite kitchen tools..... a Roux wisk. Does anybody else find this tool indispensable ? (li...

Freq Band commented 2 hours ago

What are the best chef's frying pans

by jrobrob 2 days ago

I am a young home cook (and perhaps one day aspiring chef) and am looking to invest in some good quality cookware as ...

DuffyH commented 3 hours ago

Le Cresuet balti dish - thoughts, opinions, experiences?

by thegratergood 10 months ago

I was looking for a cast iron karahi / kadai / balti, and saw that LC has a balti dish. I love my dutch oven so decid...

512window commented 4 hours ago

How to Remove Aluminum from Bottom of Oven

by Entore 3 years ago

I lined the bottom of my oven with aluminum foil with the intention of catching drips etc.. to make clean-up easier. ...


Joanie09 commented 8 hours ago

Small pressure cookers? Or, maybe a pressure fryer?

by Sid Post 1 month ago

I have been thinking about adding a small (~3L with shorter sides) pressure cooker to my daily rotation. I have a ~4...


FillmoeSF commented 9 hours ago

Painting a Kitchenaid Mixer?

by DBinNOLA 2 days ago

I did ask this question in an off topic to another post, but thought a new post may get me an answer. I have a quest...

mikie commented 12 hours ago

Ziploc bags for sous vide, are they safe?

by zackly 1 year ago

I've been cooking sous vide for 7-8 years and have always used Ziploc (or another brand) bags to cook in because they...

Science Chick commented 12 hours ago

Calphalon Accucore discontinued?

by travelingslim 2 months ago

I'm looking at the Calphalon website and it looks like they are discontinuing the line. Anyone have insights on why ...


JustinHorne commented 14 hours ago

Is it time to replace my Braun immersion blender?

by Kaymoz 1 day ago

There is nothing quite like my Braun immersion blender in the US market today!! I am sure others who ever had th...


awolf commented 20 hours ago

Are there different honing rods?

by cocktailsauced 4 days ago

I've had my first "real" knife for almost a year now. It's an 8" classic wusthof chef's knife. I've gotten fairly han...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 20 hours ago

Seeking a Slippery Skillet for Eggs on Commercial Induction Cooktops

by NoSleepTilBrooklyn 18 days ago

Since moving to LA from NYC, where I took ubiquitous high-power gas ranges for granted (gas just comes out of the gro...


NoSleepTilBrooklyn commented 1 day ago

Stockpot claded vs disk bottom?

by krafts 7 days ago

I am about to get a stockpot. I can't decide whether to get claded or disk bottom. Can you please tell me what is the...


randallhank commented 1 day ago

Straining cooked dried chiles chilies chilis(??)

by Freq Band 5 years ago

Several recipes call for cooking (or wet reconstituting) dried chilies, then straining out the skin and seeds. A foo...

Freq Band commented 1 day ago

Safety of hot water in polypropylene Aeropress

by Hiracer 1 day ago

Aeropress is a popular tool for making coffee and quasi espresso. Since July 2014 it has been made out of polypropyl...


Hiracer commented 1 day ago

Let's talk rondeaus

by BouquiGarnet 3 months ago

Do you use one? What for? What advantage does it have over stockpots? I'm eyeing this shallow stockpot that I thin...


damiano commented 1 day ago

How Do You Use Your Warming Drawer?

by jessinEC 5 years ago

Through a stroke of good luck, I managed to buy a used GE Profile Range & Oven in perfect condition for $75. It inclu...


karlk commented 1 day ago

Finex cast iron pan

by Alpncook 2 years ago

Anyone else order one? Seemed like a good design so I went for it. Could this be better than finding a nice old Grisw...


James419 commented 1 day ago

cast iron skillets

by mummycantcook 6 months ago

Do cast iron skillets work better for some foods? I dont know wether to buy one.


bkultra commented 1 day ago

Electric Pressure Cooker: Discuss

by Amishchow 5 days ago

What are your opinions on electric pressure cookers? In general? And the Instant Pot (w or w/o Bluetooth and app.) in...

AmyH commented 1 day ago

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