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Advice for lighter weight cookware?

by Neo1 18 days ago

I would like to buy my mother some new cookware. I have done so in the past with mixed results. The main problem is t...

drrayeye commented 1 hour ago

Cast Iron Myths Debunked

by zackly 9 hours ago

Interesting article:

paulj commented 1 hour ago

What is this? (Pictures)

by Sigurd 4 days ago

It's aluminum and looks like some sort of steamer. I think it will fit in my pressure cooker so I thought I'd give it...


boogie350 commented 1 hour ago

Lodge Cast Iron Pan

by BJSully 1 day ago

Hi all. Just a quick question. I've only used this pan a handful of times. I've never used soap or any harsh abrasive...


DLovsky commented 3 hours ago

How to clean All-clad, stainless steel frying pan?

by carmonadeanjesse 1 day ago

I just bought a 12" All-clad, stainless steel frying pan. I bought barkeeper's friend, as well. How do I properly cle...


DLovsky commented 4 hours ago


by kaleokahu 3 years ago

What should appear on late-nite infomercial TV last night, but a "feature" on the NuWavePIC (Precision Induction Cook...


Sniggles commented 4 hours ago

I'm having trouble with my first ever carbon steel pan

by Jennie2 2 years ago

Dear Hounds, Although I am a frequent reader of chowhound boards, this is my first post. I apologize in advance f...


alexrander commented 8 hours ago

? About Mauviel M250 MPro Splated-- at Williams Sonoma

by ttango 3 days ago

I see this 2.5mm copper-mix splated pan at Williams Sonoma for $270 w/lid, but I cannot tie it back to any Mauviel ca...

PutSomethingTogether commented 18 hours ago

Copper frying pan worth it?

by carmonadeanjesse 3 days ago

I'm contemplating whether a copper skillet/frying pan is really worth it. Now, when I saw worth it, I don't mean the ...

DuffyH commented 19 hours ago

Best pan to deglaze on?

by carmonadeanjesse 3 days ago

I'm looking to buy my first frying pan/skillet. I'm definitely not gonna buy a sauté pan, as I want my meats to cook ...


DLovsky commented 20 hours ago

Which all gas 36 in. range to buy.... Wolf or Blue Star?

by LIMary 9 years ago

I am having a horrible time making this decision. I have spent countless hours on line and at least four days in vari...

redriverbluesman commented 20 hours ago

Mauviel M'250 and Demeyere Atlantis

by gooster 1 year ago

I'm looking at the older threads on the Mauviel M'250 series and there are a few mentions of how they compare to Deme...


ttango commented 23 hours ago

Tojiro DP vs Shun Sora Gyuto

by bmadgett 10 days ago

Hey all! So, for Christmas, I want to buy my dad a good chef's knife. He likes to cook, but has never used anyth...

Pheelicks commented 23 hours ago

China cap or chinoise. If you have one, do you use it and for what?

by c oliver 5 years ago

In cleaning out late MIL's basement,I came across this. I'm aware that they're for pureeing which isn't something I ...


Bada Bing commented 24 hours ago

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JA Henkels Staub Warehouse sale

by tfed 1 day ago

i was at this last weekend - there is another weekend open after Thanksgiving. It has always been good. In general ...

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How do I clean my Lodge, "vintage" cast-iron skillet?

by carmonadeanjesse 1 day ago

So, I just bought a vintage (#8), Lodge, cast-iron skillet. It's been cleaned through electrolysis, and seasoned once...

Round 4: 2015 Cookware deals! (Holiday Edition)

by gooster 20 days ago

Round 3 is cresting past 350+ posts and the holiday season is approaching. Post all your deals, coupons, scores and ...


adviitha commented 1 day ago

Aldi Dutch Oven--anyone have experience?

by coney with everything 8 years ago

We got the Aldi ad for next week in today's newspaper--they are advertising a "Crofton" 5 quart cast iron enameled Du...


1951rab commented 1 day ago

Excess heat from oven in gas range

by schoonbeke 1 day ago

We recently bought a new house with a 30 inch Kenmore gas range (we have natural gas, not liquid propane). The heat c...


Auspicious commented 1 day ago

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