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Best roasting pan.

by venividibitchy over 5 years ago

After a tragic, spontaneous Pyrex explosion in the oven on New Year's Day, and my Husband nearly requiring stitches f...

PutSomethingTogether commented about 6 hours ago

Best stockpot for pasta/soup

by annstack 1 day ago

I am currently using an 8 qt Paula Dean (yeah, yeah I know) stockpot to boil pasta in and also to make large batches ...


alexrander commented about 6 hours ago

A knife like this?

by BouquiGarnet 4 days ago

I bought the serrated version of this knife a few months ago and absolutely love it! The size and shape are perfect. ...

PutSomethingTogether commented about 6 hours ago

Which roasting pan for apartment oven 16.5" by 17" in size

by PurpleTigger about 18 hours ago

I am looking at these on sale at wayfair.


PurpleTigger commented about 6 hours ago

Japanese Knife Sharpening in Philadelphia

by EaglesFan1227 about 15 hours ago

Hi Everyone, This is my first post, so I'd like to thank you in advance for all of your help! I had purchased a...


Philly Ray commented about 7 hours ago

Question about stainless steel cookware

by rmms 3 days ago

I am looking to switch from nonstick to stainless steel. The extensive reviews are confusing! I am not a professiona...


randallhank commented about 8 hours ago

Nakiri Knife quality

by seitenryu 19 days ago

Right now I'm looking for a nakiri to supplement my Shun santoku and paring knives. I'm torn between the Mac 6.5" Na...

Pheelicks commented about 10 hours ago

Would This make a Good Wok?

by Seitan 1 day ago

I've been looking around for woks lately, but I find most of them to be rather flimsy and cheaply made. I used to hav...

drongo commented about 13 hours ago

Oils with high smoke point for pre-seasoning pans?

by Seitan 1 day ago

Is it preferable to use cooking oils with high smoke points for pre-seasoning cookware? Or do you want the oil to smo...


Seitan commented about 14 hours ago

Time for another Dishwasher Thread

by JTPhilly about 17 hours ago

Alas the time has come to say goodbye and start anew - My rather nice but bought 2nd hand Kitchenaid Dishwasher is le...


mike0989 commented about 15 hours ago

Stainless Steel Appliance Purgatory

by catglass 22 days ago

Does anyone know of a relatively painless way to clean/shine/make-look-decent stainless steel dishwashers, fridges, r...


catglass commented about 15 hours ago

carbon steel - sheet metal ??

by kseiverd 4 days ago

I'm a teacher aide and student I'm working with is going to be learning how to weld. See to recall something about u...

BiscuitBoy commented about 20 hours ago

What's your best yard sale or thrift store cookware find?

by visciole over 5 years ago

Vintage 1960s aluminum cake carrier with handle and the clever little latch on the bottom at the local thrift: $1.99....

JTPhilly commented 1 day ago

Refurbishing Secondhand Carbon Steel

by SailingChef 2 days ago

Thanks to the current issue of Cook's Illustrated, I knew what two carbon steel pans I found at a thrift store were w...


GH1618 commented 1 day ago

Stovetop Cookware - Pyroceram or Visions

by pkmeeta over 4 years ago

Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a stovetop cookware and I'm little confused between Pyroceram and Visions...

al b. darned commented 1 day ago

Dented/Scratched Aluminum Baking Pans?

by JayCook 14 days ago

I just received some stuff from Nordicware and some of the items were dented or scratched. Is this normal? I know alu...


darrenk commented 1 day ago

Cookware for Healthy Eating

by drrayeye 13 days ago

About two years ago, I set out to do most of my cooking at home, to improve my health through a more balanced diet--d...

drrayeye commented 1 day ago

Info needed! Tell me about this "old school" saucepan.

by JTPhilly 15 days ago

So i came across this guy here. In the " style" of old copper pans with cast iron riveted handle but made of what loo...


alexrander commented 2 days ago

Best bread knife?

by Westy about 7 years ago

Hello - I want to buy a great bread knife. Who makes the best? Matt


emmez commented 2 days ago

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