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Round 4: 2015 Cookware deals! (Holiday Edition)

by gooster 22 days ago

Round 3 is cresting past 350+ posts and the holiday season is approaching. Post all your deals, coupons, scores and ...

drrayeye commented 2 hours ago

Cookware New

Store in Calgary for sauerkraut crocks

by Beamer15 11 hours ago

Hi, I'm looking for a new store that I heard of that sells crocks for making pickles and sauerkraut. Has anyone heard...

de Buyer Mineral B Pro Iron Frypan |

by tr3buchet 5 months ago

So I was looking to get another size (up) fry pan and I came across this at chefs catalog: http://www.chefscatalog.c...


tr3buchet commented 13 hours ago

Smeg range - a worthwhle risk?

by estarmer 3 years ago

Just posted this over on Gardenweb, but hoping we'll get additional responses here as well. We are in the process...


Gmadee commented 14 hours ago

Rice Cooker Recommendation with Extended Keep Warm

by chowsue 2 years ago

I was hoping to get a recommendation for a new rice cooker. When we first got married, my Thai husband brought a...


Sit commented 1 day ago

In search of coffee perfection - another Kickstarter

by ferret 1 day ago

These coffemaker projects all look good on paper but then you never hear about them afterward: http://www.auromabr...


bkultra commented 1 day ago

Cast Iron Myths Debunked

by zackly 3 days ago

Interesting article:


JimmyH commented 1 day ago

"Joule" by Chef Steps

by Shrinkrap 2 days ago

Anybody else seen this? I have a Sous Vide Supreme, but I wonder if I would use an immersion type more often. "...


roneastman commented 1 day ago

? About Mauviel M250 MPro Splated-- at Williams Sonoma

by ttango 6 days ago

I see this 2.5mm copper-mix splated pan at Williams Sonoma for $270 w/lid, but I cannot tie it back to any Mauviel ca...

drrayeye commented 1 day ago

What is this? (Pictures)

by Sigurd 7 days ago

It's aluminum and looks like some sort of steamer. I think it will fit in my pressure cooker so I thought I'd give it...


Sigurd commented 1 day ago

Best time to buy Falk?

by cookiekakie 5 days ago

Hi, I have been familiar with most of the discussions on Falk Culinair and copper cookware on this forum, however,...


cookiekakie commented 2 days ago

Is there a microwave oven that can actually bake with convection?

by mama who loves to cook 8 years ago

I have seen convection microwaves but from my reading, there is no baking, only grilling and browning. Years a...


crogers51 commented 2 days ago

Lodge Cast Iron Pan

by BJSully 4 days ago

Hi all. Just a quick question. I've only used this pan a handful of times. I've never used soap or any harsh abrasive...

DuffyH commented 2 days ago

How to clean All-clad, stainless steel frying pan?

by carmonadeanjesse 4 days ago

I just bought a 12" All-clad, stainless steel frying pan. I bought barkeeper's friend, as well. How do I properly cle...

Cam14 commented 2 days ago

Advice for lighter weight cookware?

by Neo1 21 days ago

I would like to buy my mother some new cookware. I have done so in the past with mixed results. The main problem is t...


Neo1 commented 2 days ago


by kaleokahu 3 years ago

What should appear on late-nite infomercial TV last night, but a "feature" on the NuWavePIC (Precision Induction Cook...


Sniggles commented 3 days ago

I'm having trouble with my first ever carbon steel pan

by Jennie2 2 years ago

Dear Hounds, Although I am a frequent reader of chowhound boards, this is my first post. I apologize in advance f...


alexrander commented 3 days ago

Copper frying pan worth it?

by carmonadeanjesse 5 days ago

I'm contemplating whether a copper skillet/frying pan is really worth it. Now, when I saw worth it, I don't mean the ...

DuffyH commented 3 days ago

Best pan to deglaze on?

by carmonadeanjesse 5 days ago

I'm looking to buy my first frying pan/skillet. I'm definitely not gonna buy a sauté pan, as I want my meats to cook ...


DLovsky commented 3 days ago

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