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Cookware New

Falk Customer Service

by odessaboots 35 minutes ago

Hey Everyone, I am relatively new to this community, however I have been purchasing upgrades for my cookware rece...

Cookware New

Dutch oven equivalent that won't chip on the outside

by imanewbie 2 hours ago

Hi I just bought my first Dutch oven, Tramontina 5.5quart. And I absolutely loved it!!! It was a big upgrade from my ...

Question about Kitchen Aid Mixer

by girlygirl 9 years ago

Is it normal for my Kitchen Aid Mixer to have pools of oil spilling out of it? My husband called Kitchen Aid and the...


CarusoneGirl commented 2 hours ago

2016 Cookware Deals

by BouquiGarnet 1 month ago

Let's get it started! Whaddya got? I haven't seen anything great recently.


adviitha commented 3 hours ago

Where to Sell Used Cookware (All-Clad, etc...)

by odessaboots 5 hours ago

Hello, I have some used All-Clad that I have had for a few months, as well as a piece of S.S. Calphalon. I want t...


CenturyLife commented 4 hours ago

Carbon steel seasoning keeps coming off

by avenka 1 month ago

My carbon steel pan seasoning keeps coming off like cheap paint. I've tried the method at the Vollrath video at this ...

DuffyH commented 5 hours ago

What are the best chef's frying pans

by jrobrob 5 days ago

I am a young home cook (and perhaps one day aspiring chef) and am looking to invest in some good quality cookware as ...

mikie commented 5 hours ago

Did I ruin my All Clad?

by leaht 8 years ago

I got a beautiful All Clad 10 inch stainless steel fry pan for my wedding. I cooked ground turkey for tacos, and the...


Crzy.Chkn.lady commented 6 hours ago

Ambiano Blender-$80.00 Vitamix knockof?

by zackly 1 month ago

They got the look down but don't know about the function. Does anyone have any experience with this blender? https...

mikie commented 7 hours ago


by conttador 3 months ago

Hello, I am upgrading from a 36" Bluestar Cooktop to a 48" range or rangetop. I currently have a 42" Bluestar 1200...

mikie commented 7 hours ago

deBuyer frypan interior size & height?

by DuffyH 3 years ago

I need some info from deBuyer owners. I'm looking at a 12.5" frypan in the Carbone and Mineral B lines. Finestcookwa...

DuffyH commented 7 hours ago

Kitchenaid Mixer and Dishwasher

by girlonavespa 4 days ago

I am so frustrated with the whisk attachment on my kitchenaid mixer!! The stupid thing is not dishwasher compatible a...


dscheidt commented 7 hours ago

De Buyer frying pan – advice needed

by stass 19 days ago

Hello, I would like to kindly ask for the advice. I got my first De Buyer frying pan a few weeks ago. I wanted to sea...


stass commented 11 hours ago

Russell Range Info Please -- any info?

by MPmill 7 years ago

We're remodeling our kitchen and we've been offered a used Russell Range. We haven't been able to find any info abou...


HJBondar commented 17 hours ago

How to grind large quantity of rock salt

by JD in Nashville 4 years ago

Hello - I had previously obtained a 20 pound bag of very coarse Himalayan salt for a ridiculously low price. I am wa...


ferret commented 1 day ago

Sticky Swiss Diamond pan

by kevinm 8 years ago

We cook a lot of scrambled egg whites. In our Swiss Diamond non-stick pan, the egg whites always stick, forming a fil...

drrayeye commented 1 day ago

Anyone seen this?

by GeezerGourmet 2 days ago

Has anyone seen this spatula in the market place? A given gift years ago, it's wearing out so I need another.


GeezerGourmet commented 1 day ago

How Do You Use Your Warming Drawer?

by jessinEC 5 years ago

Through a stroke of good luck, I managed to buy a used GE Profile Range & Oven in perfect condition for $75. It inclu...

dcrb commented 1 day ago

Calphalon Accucore discontinued?

by travelingslim 2 months ago

I'm looking at the Calphalon website and it looks like they are discontinuing the line. Anyone have insights on why ...


randallhank commented 1 day ago

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