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Disk locked into lid of KitchenAid food processor?

by Ascender 2 days ago

Using the slicing blade of my KitchenAid food processor to slice brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving, I inadvertently o...

geminigirl commented 42 minutes ago

Solait yogurt maker

by waywardsmile 8 years ago

i recently came across one of these but don't know exactly what to do with it. it's just 2 pieces of plastic that ho...


trapper_e commented 2 hours ago

Slow cooker vs pressure cooker

by arielleeve 1 month ago

So I've never owned either a slow cooker or a pressure cooker. But since we just moved and have about 5 times as much...


bkultra commented 2 hours ago

Need info on coating on Indian tava

by cookalot 11 days ago

Am looking to buy a tava for making chapati -- one that is NOT coated with the nonstick material. I've looked at s...


cookalot commented 3 hours ago

Cookware New

Hollow ground knife

by rmarisco 3 hours ago

Is it possible to see if a knife has a true hollow ground edge just by looking at it casually (in the store, as I'm s...

cheap cast iron pans in vancouver?

by dali1980 1 day ago

im looking for a cast iron pans in vancouver. Who has the best prices?? thanks

LotusRapper commented 4 hours ago

Round 4: 2015 Cookware deals! (Holiday Edition)

by gooster 27 days ago

Round 3 is cresting past 350+ posts and the holiday season is approaching. Post all your deals, coupons, scores and ...


BouquiGarnet commented 4 hours ago

Good pan for soft scrambled eggs

by harrism 4 days ago

Just about the only thing I still use non-stick for is scrambled eggs. Especially for myself since I like them soft s...

Pheelicks commented 7 hours ago

Enamel cast-iron cookware

by pwdohio 8 years ago

Can someone tell me what enamel cast-iron cookware is NOT made in China? I am concerned about lead being in the enam...


KIF commented 7 hours ago

Using a gas grill as an oven? How far can I take this?

by reptilegrrl 2 years ago

My partner had a giant combination gas/charcoal grill delivered this morning. It is pretty fancy, at least as far as ...


magnusfl commented 10 hours ago

Older/Vintage Kitchenaid Mixer Users - Get a Solid State Version or Not?

by dz5003 1 year ago

Ok, so I'm looking to find a vintage Kitchenaid and I read someone calling the K5-A as the "holy grail" of kitchenaid...


David121566 commented 11 hours ago

Boil water in cast iron removes a few layers of season?

by Berticus 6 years ago

I bought a new Lodge cast iron skillet not too long ago and have been trying to build up a few good layers of seasoni...


Castaways commented 12 hours ago

VitaMix Blender, is it worth it?

by vanity021 8 years ago

I am researching into the Vitamix blender, is it really worth it? I do currently own a regular blender and also a ju...


MacGuffin commented 14 hours ago

Hamburger patty presses/molds recommendations

by E_M 23 hours ago

His Highness wants to "standardize" his hamburger patties. I have seen presses or molds for sale, but I really wanted...


welltester commented 15 hours ago

Probably stupid question about self-cleaning ovens

by MrsBridges 3 years ago

I'm embarrassed to ask this, but here goes . . . My mother bought a new range with a self-cleaning oven back in th...


TomDel commented 16 hours ago

Is my cast iron skillet ruined ?

by sirmonsr 1 day ago

My cast iron skillet was overheated/dripped on/ generally abused from being storage in what I thought was the storage...

hill food commented 21 hours ago

Looking for itty bitty salt cellar to keep on dining table

by jen223 2 days ago

So I keep a mini soy sauce dish of Maldon or another salt on our dining table, and we will use our fingers to grab a ...


jen223 commented 23 hours ago

Help ID my steel pan

by harrism 2 days ago

I picked up this pan at Goodwill a year or so ago and love it. It seasoned well, is smooth as can be. It is a little ...

harrism commented 1 day ago

Best brands of cookware for induction cooktop?

by LaureltQ 4 years ago

My coworker is considering getting an induction range but is unsure about her cookware. I think for the most part mo...


CenturyLife commented 1 day ago

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