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Sticky Breville Pan - How to Clean?

by poochiechow 1 day ago

hey CH, i have a Breville that came with an enamel 12"x12" baking pans (


alexrander commented 1 minute ago

Handheld Knife Sharpening Question

by TastyReuben 8 hours ago

Please see the pictures below. I have a Wusthof handheld sharpener, pictured below. My question is pretty simple:...


alexrander commented 9 minutes ago

Portable Induction Burners

by dcole 3 years ago

Does anyone have an iduction burner they really like? I have read a lot of reivews and hear a lot about small heati...


melajoh commented 6 hours ago

Cheap Vacuum Sealer, Food Saver

by zackly 17 hours ago

Just saw this offer on It's a refurbished food saver for $22.00, plus shipping. I've done business with meh....


MikeG commented 12 hours ago

Fall 2016 Deals Thread

by CenturyLife 2 months ago

Labor Day weekend is imminent, and the Summer 2016 deals thread is an unwieldy 366 posts long. So here's a new thread...


nararabbit commented 14 hours ago

Cookware New

12-Pc Cuisinart Multiclad Tri-Ply SS Cookware Set + 3-Pc Bakeware Set + $25GC $175 + Free Shipping

by zackly 16 hours ago

If you're looking for a set of multi-clad cookware this seems like a good deal from Macy's online. Good reviews on A...

Thermomix vs Vitamix

by hungryann 3 years ago

Does anyone have experience with these machines and can compare them. I know the thermomix has more functions but not...


Marilla commented 18 hours ago

Kitchen towels

by centralpadiner 6 years ago

My kitchen towels are getting worn out, and I was at Ikea for something else and stocked up on what I thought looked ...


wenfb commented 22 hours ago

Alton Brown's Knife-Buying Tips

by jimonyc 1 year ago

Posted by Alton on his blog last week. I don't necessarily agree with all of his tips, but his choice of knives is i...


brockalope commented 23 hours ago

What is the best Chef Knife for the Professional?

by djdarroch 4 years ago

So this thread is designed to act as a knife buying-guide for professional Chefs and line cooks. Those of us who have...

tim irvine commented 1 day ago

Please HELP!!! Cast iron still leaves black on my eggs!

by maggiedot 4 months ago

Okay, I've done everything. Seasoned, been dissatisfied, then re-seasoned. Scrubbed, heated, cooked on, dried, super ...


JustCharlie commented 1 day ago

Why don't they make cast iron cookware the way they used to?

by HabaneroLady 1 year ago

Everywhere I turn, people seem to extol the virtues of old school cast iron cookware. In particular, people praise t...

drrayeye commented 1 day ago

In search of ISO glasses

by dubchild 4 days ago

Does anyone know of a store that sells these, hopefully, near downtown Toronto?


CocoTO commented 1 day ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

Hidden Bake Element Fail

by lovetobakealot 1 day ago

The hidden bake element in my Electrolux ICON oven has failed and been replaced three times in two years. Before I r...

Ziploc bags for sous vide, are they safe?

by zackly 2 years ago

I've been cooking sous vide for 7-8 years and have always used Ziploc (or another brand) bags to cook in because they...


Gurusmurf commented 2 days ago

Wusthof vs. Wusthof Trident?

by fridaybaker 6 years ago

Does anyone know if there is a difference between "Wusthof" and "Wusthof Trident" knives or what, exactly, these two ...


jwtk57 commented 2 days ago

Aluminum or cast iron pizza pan?

by nuraman00 4 months ago

I was reading and comparing different pizza pans. One thing I liked about aluminum was that it was available in la...


Chazzz commented 2 days ago

Help me! My pizza stone got covered with grease!

by EllieSchnids 3 years ago

So, about a year ago we bought a Williams Sonoma pizza stone and we love this thing! We use it all the time and it ne...


CAgirl commented 2 days ago

Tell me about an air fryer, and why would I want one?

by wabi 3 months ago

I just found out about air fryers, and it seems to be a gadget in search of a use. A quick search of Amazon reveals a...


cutipie721 commented 2 days ago

Gas Oven Broilers - Do Any Really Work?

by MikeR 3 years ago

I had a basic oven that came with the house I moved into 33 years ago. It was a Caloric 24" gas wall (built-in) oven ...


stevenr01 commented 2 days ago

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