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Boos vs. Boardsmith

by boltsfan over 3 years ago

Looking to upgrade my cutting board to a higher end grain one. I have read on-line (Chow, blogs, knife forums, etc…) ...


randallhank commented 37 minutes ago

Cookware for Healthy Eating

by drrayeye 10 days ago

About two years ago, I set out to do most of my cooking at home, to improve my health through a more balanced diet--d...

drrayeye commented about 1 hour ago

What toaster oven that broils, bakes, toasts is the best?

by blustery 3 days ago

I would like to purchase a toaster oven or something that is great for broiling, roasting, toasting. Are there other...


jackdaniels4911 commented about 2 hours ago

carbon steel - sheet metal ??

by kseiverd about 14 hours ago

I'm a teacher aide and student I'm working with is going to be learning how to weld. See to recall something about u...


alexrander commented about 2 hours ago

A knife like this?

by BouquiGarnet 1 day ago

I bought the serrated version of this knife a few months ago and absolutely love it! The size and shape are perfect. ...


lastZZ commented about 4 hours ago

Dansk Kobenstyle?

by BouquiGarnet 1 day ago

Anyone have this? I've seen a few pieces at Homegoods and now on sale at W/S. It's really cute. Anyone have it? What ...

drrayeye commented about 4 hours ago

Best roasting pan.

by venividibitchy over 5 years ago

After a tragic, spontaneous Pyrex explosion in the oven on New Year's Day, and my Husband nearly requiring stitches f...


GH1618 commented about 5 hours ago

What to do with Saladmaster cookware?

by ipsedixit almost 5 years ago

Yes, I know this thing is a total scam. But a very kind soul gave me a Saladmaster skillet (with a cover) for Xmas...


mountainana6 commented about 8 hours ago

Silicon: Is it the non-stick component of parchment paper and is it safe?

by gfr1111 about 18 hours ago

Reynolds won't tell you on its website if silicon is the "natural non-stick" component of parchment paper that makes ...


MikeG commented about 9 hours ago

Camping stove? I really need this.

by sweetfern over 2 years ago

I drive a Prius, so nothing to let down to hold a stove. Any ideas? Oh--and 1 or 2 person popup tent? Any tips ve...

monkeyrotica commented about 14 hours ago

Can you high-sear in copper pans?

by Cuprophile 4 days ago

Hi, My copper cookware are stainless-lined and are either 2.5mm (skillet/fry pans) or 2mm (saute pan). I use a gas r...


Chazzz commented about 24 hours ago

SS bowls and electric hand whisk safety

by silverrose 1 day ago

I may just be being silly, but I attempted to make my first buttercream yesterday, so opted to use a stainless steel ...


Chazzz commented 1 day ago

What's your best yard sale or thrift store cookware find?

by visciole over 5 years ago

Vintage 1960s aluminum cake carrier with handle and the clever little latch on the bottom at the local thrift: $1.99....

PrairieGal2 commented 1 day ago

Palm Restaurant Cookware

by Chemicalkinetics over 5 years ago

I am sure many of you have these the Palm kitchen goods (from towels to pepper mills) at Home Goods. I don't see the...


MikeG commented 1 day ago

Thermoclad (W-S) vs Sur La Table's I5/Zwilling Sensation

by 19 days ago

We are moving away from teflon and finally making the leap to stainless and other pans. We have a lodge skillet and a...

JTPhilly commented 1 day ago

Sensation 11" Skillet

by DuffyH 14 days ago

Anyone with this pan, what is the floor space? After cooking with my Sensation 3qt saute (and loving it), I'm conside...


randallhank commented 1 day ago

Coffee makers

by bevo 2 days ago

Has anyone purchased the new Nespresso Vertuoline Evoluo coffee maker and if so what is your opinion of it. I am thi...


ferret commented 1 day ago

Can ceramic knives be sharpened?

by josephnl almost 5 years ago

I was just looking at an ad for Kyocera ceramic knives that look pretty nice. The ad stresses that they retain their...


LetsGoTesting commented 1 day ago

Discoloration of stainless steel?

by jep334 about 1 month ago

Hi. I just started using Caphalon stainless steel pans. Is it normal for them to almost immediately discolor, or am I...


tfed commented 1 day ago

Question about new copper pot

by pistachio peas 5 days ago

I bought a Baumalu pan at Winners (Canadian version of Marshall's, etc.) this weekend. It's rather small, probably ab...

tim irvine commented 2 days ago

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