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Ambiano Blender-$80.00 Vitamix knockof?

by zackly 2 months ago

They got the look down but don't know about the function. Does anyone have any experience with this blender? https...


bernicesdaughter27 commented 8 minutes ago

1-2 quart saucier recommendations

by imanewbie 4 days ago

Looking to get a 2 quart saucier. I'll mostly be using it as a saucepan (pasta/oatmeal) and saucier when I make sweet...


alexrander commented 17 minutes ago

Knife to cut through bones

by damiano 1 day ago

Hi all, So I basically use one knife for 90 percent of all my kitchen tasks, and it is a Shun Chinese vegetable cl...

PutSomethingTogether commented 20 minutes ago

Waffleburger waffle iron "review"

by Sirrith 10 months ago

Hi all, just wanted to write a little something about this great waffle iron. I was searching for vintage wagner/...


nikkib99 commented 41 minutes ago

Cookware New

Used Mauviel cookware

by durhamois 2 hours ago

So I found a guy that is selling what he says is used Mauviel cookware on Craigslist. I measured with calipers, the w...

Serrated knife: paring vs steak?

by imanewbie 3 hours ago

I feel a bit sheepish asking this but... What is the difference between a serrated paring knife and a steak knife....

tim irvine commented 2 hours ago

Did I ruin my All Clad?

by leaht 8 years ago

I got a beautiful All Clad 10 inch stainless steel fry pan for my wedding. I cooked ground turkey for tacos, and the...

DuffyH commented 3 hours ago

Small Black Cake Stand

by FrenchPeach 5 hours ago

Hello friends! I've been looking high and low for a small black cake stand. Help!

phofiend commented 4 hours ago

Cutting board and cross-contamination - Is it a real issue?

by bwspot 2 years ago

So, i am in the process of getting a new cutting board. I though about going with:

MGZ commented 6 hours ago

Do You Own a VENT A HOOD Exhaust Hood Over Your Stove??

by MarkG 9 years ago

there is what seems to be a complex internal cleaning process because the oil that is sucked up by the fan is collect...


diana4130 commented 7 hours ago

Help cooking dried beans in a crockpot

by lajollafoodie 1 month ago

A lot of posts mention that a crockpot is good for cooking dried beans. My stovetop burners get too hot for the gent...


momof5x commented 8 hours ago

Demeyere, Mauviel, or Falk fry pan

by kgrey 2 days ago

I'm starting my search for a lifelong set of cookware, and I'm starting with the fry pan. I like a BIG fry pan...the ...

PutSomethingTogether commented 13 hours ago

Which size Pot Shop pan for scrambled eggs?

by Sirrith 14 days ago

Hi all, I've been using a very thin De Buyer pan to make my eggs for the past few years, and I'd like to move on to s...

kaleokahu commented 17 hours ago

Foodsaver non-sealing bags problem~

by peak_fanatic 4 years ago

I've had my original Foodsaver vacuum / thermal seal unit for a little over 2 yrs., it began to (apparently) fail t...


esoteric commented 17 hours ago

Why limited warranty for this?

by Hiracer 1 year ago Maslin pan/boiling pot - 30cm/11,8" Only a two year warranty f...

drrayeye commented 18 hours ago

Are there different honing rods?

by cocktailsauced 12 days ago

I've had my first "real" knife for almost a year now. It's an 8" classic wusthof chef's knife. I've gotten fairly han...


Bladerfencer commented 22 hours ago

Best automatic peeler

by imanewbie 1 day ago

Hi I bake a lot with fruits and recently realized I can purchase automatic peelers - some are hand cranked and others...

kaleokahu commented 1 day ago

John Boos 30 x 23" cutting board - too big?

by nikkib99 1 year ago

I have the John Boos 24x18x2¼ with the steel handles and juice tunnel and I don't like it. The handles get in the wa...


nikkib99 commented 1 day ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

Rant about Sur La Table

by Sirrith 1 day ago

I just needed to vent a bit, so apologies if this doesn't belong here. I placed an order from SLT for a set of che...

Best Cast Iron Skillet?

by steakrules85 7 years ago

Hey all I am buying my mom a cast iron skillet for Mother's Day and wanted to know who makes the best for aorund $50 ...


jounipesonen commented 1 day ago

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