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Wine: "most important Italian indigenous varietals"

by kcmarshall 17 years ago

Now I like wine and I have some basic knowledge of wine. I don't make any claims beyond that and I bow humbly before the experts around here. That said, I read something in the NYT today that do...

Dessert wine pairing for rich maple flan and pears?

by eel 17 years ago

I need help with a dessert wine pairing. What we be great with a rather rich flan (think crème brûlée) flavored with maple and served with glazed pears. The recipe is from Epicurious, link belo...

How long will a bottle of champagne last?

by Frank Escobar 17 years ago

I have a nice bottle of French Champagne (redundant?) that I received in December of 2002. I am thinking about opening it soon but I was afraid that it might have gone flat or bad. Does anyone k...

Food & wine storage questions

by Ticks_girl 17 years ago

I drink around one bottle of red wine per week at a rate of a glass per evening. And red wine should be served at room temperature. So my question is, is it really safe for me to leave the bottle o...

Speaking of Champagne, what's your favorite?

by eating out 17 years ago

As said in my earlier post, my most favorite champagne, and the only expensive champagne I've had, is Henriot Cuvee des Enchanteleurs, 1988. I find this champagne to be utterly delicious. I prefe...

Italian wine advice

by danna 17 years ago

So I'm planning the little outdoor August party...Italian theme, olives, bread, figs, caprese salad, grilled mini pizzas, shrimp and pasta main dish. I know nothing of Italian wines so I thought I...

Sirah / Syrah / Shiraz

by Gary Haarcourt 21 years ago

I see Sirah, Syrah, and Shiraz on wines lately. Which is the one that everyone is raving about? Or are they all the same? The first two appear to be spelling variants, but the third seems a bit ...

Champagne curiosity bubbling up

by Retro 18 years ago

A couple years ago, I read an article that noted how Americans tend to save champagne/sparkling wine for special occasions, whereas Europeans choose it more often, as just another variety of wine. ...

describe Prosecco to me

by Wendy Lai 18 years ago

I am thinking of making a dessert terrine which called for prosecco, an Italian sweet sparkling wine. Has anyone had this? Is it like a champagne? What can I subsitute this with if I can't get p...

Man, oh Manishewitz

by Stanley Stephan 18 years ago

Sometimes corporations get a little too carried away with their product. It could just be me, but the recipes on the Manishewitz Wine site sound, well, awful. Here's a link to something called T...

Wine to serve with bouillabaisse

by Kirk 18 years ago

We've been invited to a friend's house this weekend for bouillabaisse prepared by our host's brother-in-law, who is chef of a restaurant known for its bouillabaisse. We've been asked to bring the ...

Looking for information on Madeira

by DanaB 18 years ago

Hi all -- Recently I was at AOC, a restaurant in Los Angeles with a great wine list, and we tried a 10 year old Madeira with our desert. I loved it (unfortunately I don't recall the winemaker) ...

I want to learn about wine!

by pruneandcaramel 19 years ago

I am looking for a good introductory book about it and I am interested how others began their own self-education quests. I am NOT looking to break the bank on this. I just want to have a more educa...

Paging Melanie Wong

by steve 19 years ago

One question please. I hope you don't mind answering. I just purchased 3 bottles of Tignanello 1998 and was wondering when you feel it would be at its best? Also, since I have 3 bottles would it be...

Georgian wines

by emilio 19 years ago

Does anybody know anything about wines from Georgia (Russian, not Southern USA)?

Cheap and Very Good White Wine Rec

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Last month the 2001 Bodega Lurton Mendoza Pinot Gris was poured for me to evaluate in a blind tasting. This is made from the same grape as Italy’s Pinot Grigio, but is made in a bigger and more fr...

96 Baumard Savennieres Chenin Blanc

by Melanie Wong 20 years ago

[Note: This thread was split and moved from: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/190972#1020011 - The Chowhound Team] Howard, don't drink that Baumard too fast. It will be even more fabulous at ...

Overcoming "Fear of Wine" on the View

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

Hey Leslie Brenner! Caught your wine tasting segment with the ladies of the View this morning. Looked like great fun!

1994 Port Tasting Notes (very long!)

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

Here's the entry from my wine diary, typed up immediately after the tasting for my own personal use. A bit more flamboyant than my usual recordings, I was probably still high from tasting such gre...

Grower-produced Champagnes (long!)

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

Estate-bottled Champagnes, or as Terry Theise calls them, “farmer-fizz”, are the micro-brews and single malts of the wine world. Unlike the brand-driven Grand Marques which blend various lots sour...

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