CHOW Tour Austin: Best Barbecue

If you go to Texas to document food, you'd better get your hands on as much barbecued brisket as possible. That was our guiding principle at least. We scoped out two versions of barbecue in and around Austin: Franklin Barbecue, which is manned by barbecue whiz kids who currently smoke and serve naturally raised meats out of three trailers in a parking lot, and the deeply historical Louie Mueller, just outside of Austin in Taylor, Texas, where they've been doing stuff the same way at this location since 1959. Here's a look at Texas beef, dry rub, and lots of smoke.

Franklin Barbecue
3421 N. I-35, Austin

Louie Mueller Barbecue
206 W. Second Street, Taylor


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Chowhound's Tour video series features two theme-based travel series. There's 2010's Innovation Tour, which uncovered food-related innovation in SF, LA, and NYC, from people mashing up different cuisines, to handing out free organic vegetables to low-income folks, to presenting old dishes in a new way. And then there's 2011's Handmade Tour, which sought out real people making real, authentic food—from pupusas being slapped together by hand out of a food truck to whole-animal-to-plate antelope tartare—in Austin (TX), Oakland (CA), and Portland (OR). Watch, travel, and eat along with us!

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