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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies - Does this recipe sound good?

by TrishUntrapped 7 years ago

Wondering if you can help me. I'm not used to vegan baking and am having tea tomorrow with someone special who is an ethical vegan and I want to provide a tasty homemade treat. I read through nu...

Favorite soy-free vegan dishes?

by losangeles 7 years ago

After eating soy products for years, I've become soy-intolerant. I'm looking for go-to vegan dishes for my weekly menu that are soy-free. What are your favorites?

Link from the Manhattan Board - vegetarian soup dumplings

by alc 7 years ago


Vegan Pasta?

by lynnthetwin 7 years ago

Where can I purchase good vegan handmade pasta in the CT (Fairfield County) area?

Homemade Stock

by sedimental 8 years ago

Does anyone have any neat tricks for making flavorful vegetable stock? I excel at meat stocks but my vegetable stock seems to lack flavor so I tend to buy it. Also, what ratio of vegetables to wate...

Omnivore Interested In Vegetarian Foods

by StrandedYankee 8 years ago

Hi everyone. I am not a vegetarian. I don't think people are supposed to be vegetarian, but having said this...I also don't think we're supposed to eat nearly as much meat/fowl/fish as we do in W...

tofu cheesecake recipe

by noya 7 years ago

Planning on making my first one next week--any tried and true recipes out there? Thanks!

Vegan Key Lime Pie Recipe? (Soy-Free)

by losangeles 7 years ago

My husband is craving key lime pie and I'd like to make one for him. I've searched around online & on Chowhound but can't find a soy-free recipe. (We're soy-intolerant so tofu is a no go.) D...

how to make dairy free rice pudding that tastes like dairy?

by addicted2cake 7 years ago

I crave rice pudding all year long, but hardly make it because I can't find a dairy alternative (lactose intolerant) that satisfies my tastebuds. I'm perfectly fine with soy and almond milk in cer...

Large quantity vegan baked goods

by gourmanda 7 years ago

So glad this board came about so I can get some vegan questions answered. I need to provide refreshments to go along with coffee for a group event. Generally we serve muffins, cookies, breakfast ...

Imam bayildi

by AdinaA 7 years ago

Imam bayildi is perfectly vegan, and one of the great dishes of Turkish cuisine. There is a discussion at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/848142 I am on a quest for the perfect recipe, and I wo...

Beginning My Vegan Journey

by Valentine529 8 years ago

Hi Chowhounders! I have decided to become vegan due to my love of animals. I also hope to reduce my family's carbon footprint. This is going to be a huge change for me, but I am committed. I wou...

NYT article on going vegan

by pikawicca 8 years ago

I thought she overstated the difficulty of doing this, but it's an interesting read. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/04/16/the-challenge-of-going-vegan/

creamy-style vegan salad dressing suggestions?

by noya 7 years ago

Made a delicious vegan creamy lemon salad dressing tonight that is inspiring me to try other creamy vegan dressings. Any ideas? Thanks!

Help with vegan brownie recipe

by hkl74 7 years ago

Hi and thanks in advance for any advice. I found a recipe on Chow for vegan brownies, adapted from Robin Robertson. I rarely bake and I never cook vegan (making these for my dad, who avoids butter ...

Favorite sauces for your vegan cooking?

by losangeles 7 years ago

I'm reading through Julia Child's "The Way to Cook" (1989) and am in the midst of her chapter on sauces. (I'm vegan - I'm reading JC to help give me context b/c I'm teaching myself how to cook.) ...

Vegetarian Comfort Foods

by ElsieDee 8 years ago

My dear partner is a committed vegetarian. As the primary cook in the household, I get to make meals for him (which I love doing - this is not a complaint) but I need some ideas about meal options....

Nutritional yeast.....which brand?

by BrooksNYC 7 years ago

Hi, folks. My latest discovery — despite having been a vegetarian for thirty-four years — is nutritional yeast. Don't ask me what rock I've been hiding under, because I wouldn't know where to begin...

New York Area Focused Local Vegetarian & Vegan discussion threads

Dave MP
by Dave MP 7 years ago

You can find links to vegetarian/vegan topics being discussed on the New England boards here. These are locality-specific conversations about things like local restaurants, and sourcing products an...

Pacific Northwest Specific Vegetarian & Vegan discussion threads

Dave MP
by Dave MP 7 years ago

You can find links to vegetarian/vegan topics being discussed on the Pacific Northwest boards here. These are locality-specific conversations about things like local restaurants, and sourcing produ...

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