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Introducing the new Best of Chowhound Home Cooking

Dave MP
by Dave MP 8 years ago

The Home Cooking Digest is now called "Best of Chowhound Home Cooking" - as always, the posts on this blog highlight great content from the Home Cooking, Vegetarian & Vegan, and Special Diets board...

Tofu for a cookout??

by Meann 8 years ago

I'm planning a cookout sort of party, and have several vegetarians attending. In addition to things like oil and vinegar potato salad and grilled vegetables (onions, peppers, eggplant, zucchini et...

What to do with chorizo flavored seitan?

by relizabeth 8 years ago

I impulse purchased some chorizo flavored seitan today. I'm new to seitan and also meat flavored veg proteins. Any advice on how to cook with it?

Houston/Hillstone's copycat Black Bean Burger (Vegan)

by Funkalicious 8 years ago

Houston's says the patty itself is vegan but the bun is grilled in butter which makes it so good!! They're so expensive in NYC $18, so this is my version which is pretty close to the taste & lot c...

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies - Does this recipe sound good?

by TrishUntrapped 8 years ago

Wondering if you can help me. I'm not used to vegan baking and am having tea tomorrow with someone special who is an ethical vegan and I want to provide a tasty homemade treat. I read through nu...

Favorite soy-free vegan dishes?

by losangeles 8 years ago

After eating soy products for years, I've become soy-intolerant. I'm looking for go-to vegan dishes for my weekly menu that are soy-free. What are your favorites?

Link from the Manhattan Board - vegetarian soup dumplings

by alc 8 years ago


Vegan Pasta?

by lynnthetwin 8 years ago

Where can I purchase good vegan handmade pasta in the CT (Fairfield County) area?

Homemade Stock

by sedimental 8 years ago

Does anyone have any neat tricks for making flavorful vegetable stock? I excel at meat stocks but my vegetable stock seems to lack flavor so I tend to buy it. Also, what ratio of vegetables to wate...

Omnivore Interested In Vegetarian Foods

by StrandedYankee 8 years ago

Hi everyone. I am not a vegetarian. I don't think people are supposed to be vegetarian, but having said this...I also don't think we're supposed to eat nearly as much meat/fowl/fish as we do in W...

tofu cheesecake recipe

by noya 8 years ago

Planning on making my first one next week--any tried and true recipes out there? Thanks!

Vegan Key Lime Pie Recipe? (Soy-Free)

by losangeles 8 years ago

My husband is craving key lime pie and I'd like to make one for him. I've searched around online & on Chowhound but can't find a soy-free recipe. (We're soy-intolerant so tofu is a no go.) D...

how to make dairy free rice pudding that tastes like dairy?

by addicted2cake 8 years ago

I crave rice pudding all year long, but hardly make it because I can't find a dairy alternative (lactose intolerant) that satisfies my tastebuds. I'm perfectly fine with soy and almond milk in cer...

Large quantity vegan baked goods

by gourmanda 8 years ago

So glad this board came about so I can get some vegan questions answered. I need to provide refreshments to go along with coffee for a group event. Generally we serve muffins, cookies, breakfast ...

Imam bayildi

by AdinaA 8 years ago

Imam bayildi is perfectly vegan, and one of the great dishes of Turkish cuisine. There is a discussion at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/848142 I am on a quest for the perfect recipe, and I wo...

Beginning My Vegan Journey

by Valentine529 8 years ago

Hi Chowhounders! I have decided to become vegan due to my love of animals. I also hope to reduce my family's carbon footprint. This is going to be a huge change for me, but I am committed. I wou...

NYT article on going vegan

by pikawicca 8 years ago

I thought she overstated the difficulty of doing this, but it's an interesting read. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/04/16/the-challenge-of-going-vegan/

creamy-style vegan salad dressing suggestions?

by noya 8 years ago

Made a delicious vegan creamy lemon salad dressing tonight that is inspiring me to try other creamy vegan dressings. Any ideas? Thanks!

Help with vegan brownie recipe

by hkl74 8 years ago

Hi and thanks in advance for any advice. I found a recipe on Chow for vegan brownies, adapted from Robin Robertson. I rarely bake and I never cook vegan (making these for my dad, who avoids butter ...

Favorite sauces for your vegan cooking?

by losangeles 8 years ago

I'm reading through Julia Child's "The Way to Cook" (1989) and am in the midst of her chapter on sauces. (I'm vegan - I'm reading JC to help give me context b/c I'm teaching myself how to cook.) ...

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