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Hapag Filipino Cuisine / H Mart Food Court

by bxv2018 1 year ago

I had my car serviced at the Yonkers Kia this am which left me and my wife some time to roam around the strip mall at 1789 Central Park Ave / Highridge Plaza. We've lived in Bronxville for a bit o...

Schweller's and Epsteins

by wincountrygirl 11 years ago

We lived in Yonkers when I was growing up and frequently went to Jerome Avenue, around Gun Hill Road to eat. There was Epstein's Kosher Deli, Schweller's Kosher Deli, Jade Gardens Chinese restauran...

Patricia Murphy's in Yonkers

by Gara 16 years ago

Does anyone remember Patricia Murphy's restaurant in Yonkers? I was a little girl and I remember this very nice special occasion place. I can't remember exactly where it was though. Anyone have ...

The Best North Indian I've Ever Found in NYC

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 3 years ago

I just covered this on my Slog, and wanted to be sure to paste it in here, as well, as this is of great hound interest. No photos for this one, at least not yet. Nawab (2 Hudson St, Yonkers; ...

Outstanding sushi in Yonkers

by HapLynn 2 years ago

I’ve had two really excellent meals at the new Iso restaurant located at the Boyce Thompson Ctr in northwest Yonkers. My friends have been raving about this place since it opened but it took me a c...

H-Mart coming to Yonkers...

by gutreactions 4 years ago

Local media is reporting that H-Mart, the popular Asian-American supermarket, will open another store in the Highridge Shopping Plaza on Central Park Ave., Yonkers. They already operate an H-Mart a...

Yonkers, Portugese

by MOREKASHA 2 years ago

Was driving through Yonkers today and discovered a small Portuguese community. Never heard about it. Does anybody have recommendations for which place(s) are good to eat or worth the shorter drive ...

Brooklyn Couple Relocated in Yonkers & Westchester

by luckycat 2 years ago

I was wondering if anyone could make any great food suggestions in Westchester. About 2 years ago, my wife and I moved out of Brooklyn to Yonkers and we have been searching to find quality resta...

Yonkers Pepe's Revisited

by vinouspleasure 3 years ago

Last year we had a couple of disappointing pies at pepe's. We were in the area yesterday, decided to give them another try and split a small white clam pizza. I'm happy to say it was the equal of a...

Great Tortillas May Soon Flood NY Metro

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 5 years ago

Great news. Tortilleria La Milpa de Rosa in Yonkers will be opening soon, producing righteous corn tortillas from nixtamal, just like Tortelleria Nixtamal in Corona, Queens but with vastly vastly g...

Zuppa again!

by margot_madness 4 years ago

I have been a regular, though not frequent, patron of Zuppa since they opened in downtown Yonkers some years back. I was there last weekend and was again impressed by how well designed and well run...

Caffe Trento East in Yonkers -- closed?? :(

Sra. Swanky
by Sra. Swanky 6 years ago

I was driving past Highridge Plaza and thought I saw a new name in place of the beloved Caffe Trento. I love all their pastries and their tiramisu was incredible. Please say it ain't so! :(

Yonkers Restaurant Week runs thru Jan. 16th...

by gutreactions 4 years ago

There is still time to participate in Yonkers Downtown International Restaurant Week thru the 16th. There are about 10 restaurants involved including X20. Restaurants are offering a 20% discount at...

Renovated Wendy's packed in Yonkers...

by gutreactions 4 years ago

The Wendy's on Central Park Ave. & Balant St., Yonkers has been totally renovated and appears packed day and evening. What is happening there? Anyone tried it? It has been years since I tried Wendy...

Fortina will be opening in Yonkers in 2016!

by i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream 4 years ago

Lohud has the article. The new location will be at the Boyce Thompson Institute building in Northwest Yonkers according to Lohud. There will be outdoor seating and outdoor pizza ovens! Happy to ...

Valentino's in Yonkers has closed...

by gutreactions 4 years ago

It had been on Bronx River Road in Yonkers for over 20 years. The family originally came up from Arthur Ave. Now I understand this long-time Italian-American favorite has closed. Anyone been ther...

5 Napkin Burger at Ridge Hill in Yonkers...

by gutreactions 5 years ago

Stopped into the new 5 Napkin Burger at Ridge Hill after a movie this past weekend and enjoyed the burgers and fries. They are good though a bit pricey, but this group was always a few notches high...

Dickey's BBQ Pit in Yonkers: anyone try it?

by gutreactions 5 years ago

It is part of a chain out of Texas and it is located in the High Ridge Shopping Center off Central Ave. After taking food out of there several times, I think it could be the best BBQ in the Westche...

New low-cal menu at Alamo Drafthouse (Yonkers)

by Elisa515 5 years ago

Decided to try out the new so-called "low calorie" menu at Alamo Drafthouse today. Hard to compare calories since none are indicated for other menu items. I had the roasted vegetables/tofu/quino...

The Thai Shack in Yonkers

by djca 6 years ago

Came across this place on Yelp (http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-thai-shack-yonkers) the other day, and it immediately piqued my interest. A roadside Thai takeout opposite a gas station and Yonkers Race...