The Most Comprehensive Guide to Yogurt You'll Find on the Internet

Wondering how to choose the best yogurt to buy at the store? This yogurt guide will help break it down by nutrition, cost, and flavor factors. If you’re like me, you’re in an on-again, off-again relationship...

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Warning - General Mills bought Liberté yogurt, it's now Yoplait crap for premium price!

by HokieAnnie 9 years ago

I live a frugal life, I don't have a tricked out kitchen, travel to Europe or even eat out at expensive restaurants. But I am fortunate enough to be able to afford small pleasures in life such as ...

It's time to reconsider low-dairy diets, new study suggests

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

" . . . The researchers found the consumption of any kind of dairy to be associated with a 2 percent lower risk of death from any cause, while the consumption of a dairy diet of mostly cheese was a...

Homemade yogurt -- too tart

by pamelapar 12 years ago

I've just begun making yogurt at home. I tried my first batch last night and it turned out too tart. Here's my method. Please let me know where I'm going wrong. 1. Used 2% milk 2. Used 1/3 cu...

How to make non-fat plain YOGURT more palatable?

by anne 18 years ago

i just bought some very good quality non-fat plain yogurt today, mostly because i wanted the live cultures to help my digestion... and it is so very sour! i've been eating ultra sweetened yogurt fo...

What is sour yogurt?

by jampeed 6 years ago

Can someone please tell me exactly what sour yogurt is? I am trying a new diet and it calls for two cups sour yogurt everyday for lunch. I have regular Activia yogurt is that the same thing? If not...

Maximise protein and eliminate carbs in homemade yoghurt

by Kiwi2011 10 years ago

Hi Everyone, How do I maximise the protein and eliminate the carbs in my homemade yoghurt?

Yogurt Pops

by momcat312 4 years ago

Just wanted to say, I've made yogurt pops for 6 1/2 years. Both my granddaughter & i enjoy them. They DON'T have the consistency or texture of cottage cheese. The Greek yogurt is a little grainy...

What's your favorite 'yogurt'?

by gargupie 4 years ago

Nowadays, 'yogurt' comes in different ways - almond, coconut, cashew, goat, and of course, cow's milk. What's your preferred? I'm vegan, but I still don't like the taste of almond milk yogurt. Coco...

La Fermiere Yogurt - anywhere in LA?

by rswenson 4 years ago

Just got back from Paris and fell in love La Fermiere yogurt in the little blue terra cotta cups. Any place to get these in Los Angeles?????

How do you feed your family if you don't cook?

by kitchengardengal 8 years ago

I've met quite a few people who have nobody in the family that cooks. Since I've never been forward enough to grill them on how they do it, I thought I'd ask here. I raised two boys (and a coupl...

Homemade dairy free yogurt fizzing/carbonated?

by Nikimcarter 4 years ago

Ive made dairy free yogurt twice now. Once with almond milk yogurt starter, once with coconut milk yogurt starter (store bought yogurts). I wanted to add low calorie protein to it too, as I'm used ...

Wanted: low sugar yogurt.

by PeterL 9 years ago

I am surprised that no one has called out yogurt makers for the high sugar contents of their products. Coke and other sugary drinks, sure. But yogurt? The lowest sugar yogurt I can find has 9 gm...

Homemade drinkable yogurt?

by SmallGoodThings 4 years ago

Does anyone make thin, drinkable yogurt (or kefir that tastes like yogurt) at home? Any tips? My family has developed a rather expensive drinking-yogurt habit. Everyone has gone off milk, and ...

yogurt maker problems?

by poochiechow 11 years ago

hi all - i recently got a eurocuisine ym100 yogurt maker, since i couldn't get the temperature in my oven to stay constant. however, i just tried to make my first batch of greek yogurt. heated...

Cascade Fresh Yogurt is back!

by Jimster 5 years ago

Hi, it seems like a lifetime that we’ve been away, but now we’re back home and headed to West Seattle Thriftway on May 5th. This is our debut so you’ll be the first to get some! Quantities a...

Finding Bulgaros Cultures for Yogurt?

by morphone 13 years ago

Anyone know where I can get bulgaros for making yogurt in the Bay Area? Preferably in the East Bay or SF? My grandma used them when she was younger in Mexico, so I'm assuming they might come from...

Cascade Fresh Yogurt is now Cascade Culture Yogurt

by Jimster 5 years ago

It seems so long ago that yogurt lovers lost a favorite brand - Cascade Fresh. For the last three years work has been underway to return that fantastic yogurt to the grocery shelves. It's back as...

Homemade Yogurt -- why is it stringy?

by Produce Addict 14 years ago

I swear I read a similar post recently, but can't seem to find it. I just got a yogurt maker and found making yogurt pretty easy. I liked the taste of the end result but the texture seems off, it...

Success! Homemade “Fage” Yogurt! Easy! Cheap!

maria lorraine
by maria lorraine 13 years ago

Thick! Tangy! Luscious! No Silly Appliances! Like a number of Chowhounds, I was a Fage Yogurt addict. I loved its lusciousness, its sour-cream thickness, its tang. I ate it every morning with f...

Can regular yogurt be substituted for Greek yogurt in baking?

by MmeFleiss 5 years ago

I want to make this cake from last month's COTM. http://www.houseandgarden.co.uk/recipes/desserts-cakes/lemon-and-lavender-cake I only have regular yogurt and the recipe calls for Greek. Is ther...