A Beginner's Guide to Baking with Yeast

For a beginning baker, approaching a project that uses yeast can be scary. In truth, baking with yeast can be a satisfying experience if you follow a few simple tips. Here's everything you need to know...

Yeast fermentation protocols?

by vjb 1 year ago

I know that, when replacing one form of yeast with another, I need to multiply the quantity by X or by zero-point-Y. But in contemplating a substitution, should I also worry about the other ingre...

Fresh Baker's Yeast

by ForRealWill78 2 years ago

So we recent moved to the valley from Germany and we were able to find fresh bakers yeast to make pizza dough. I tried Whole Food, Sprouts and Trade Joe's. Please let me know!

Looking for whole-wheat yeasted waffle recipe (or thoughts)

by Scott_R 3 years ago

I don't have a sweet tooth, especially for meals. I never get waffles or pancakes or French toast out because, invariably, I find them too sweet. So I've settled on a waffle recipe that works for m...

Midwest/Mennonite Raisin Fritters?

by DuffyH 3 years ago

Mom used to make these every year for the holidays. They're a very stretchy yeast dough, filled with raisins and deep-fried. They differed from most fruit fritters found today in that they weren't ...

Bread/Pizza Dough Deserts?

by MaxCaviar 3 years ago

I make quite a bit of bread dough (used often for pizza dough as well) based on the Artisan Bread in 5 Mins a Day basic recipe. I am looking for any ideas of sweet/desert uses for this dough. Any...

Detroit-style onion bagels - how to make them?

by dhchait 9 years ago

I grew up in the metro Detroit area and was spoiled by the excellent bagels there - dense, chewy interior, crunchy - I mean CRUNCHY - exteriors, and reasonable size, not enormous pillows. These ...

Bread beginner

by snicmhuilean 4 years ago

I haven`t made bread in over a decade, but I want to start again. However, someone will need to hold my hand, because it`s been so long I`ve completely forgotten how. Mark Bittman was my original ...

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