Work Lunch

7 Essential Rules for Crafting the Ultimate Sandwich

The best sandwich is up for debate—lobster rolls, grilled cheese, BLTs, Cubanos, monte cristos, po' boys, and reubens are just some of the many strong contenders for the title—but when it comes to the...

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work lunch for 10 in Chinatown t

by Jennifer 16 years ago

Hello everyone! Friday we are having a work lunch for 10 people. We want somewhere in Chinatown that is great and on the inexpensive side (around $10 person.) Can't wait to hear your suggestions!

good bye work lunch

by megan 16 years ago

i'm looking for somewhere within walking distance of bay and wellesley that will accomidate 15-20 people for lunch. it's a goodbye lunch for a co-worker. i'm told we're looking for 'food to suit...

Casual work lunch around Lex/30

by NYC sassy gal 16 years ago

I'm meeting a former coworker for lunch (his treat). Needs to be casual, but not too grab-n-go. Thanks!

work lunch -- big deli sandos and dumpling soup

by andrew 16 years ago

i ama sucker for these. i need to get my hands on a consumate deli sandwich. turkey is my preferred. ui know there's tons fo delis and i have been to some good ones. just looking for other rec...

Good, reasonably priced resaurant on UWS for a work lunch?

by Laura 16 years ago

Looking for a restaurant on the Upper West Side to accomodate 21 people for a special lunch. Looking for good food that will fit a variety of tastes as well as a comfortable space. We are a not-f...

Need work lunch recco in Huntington/Newport/Long Beaches area

by Dorothy 17 years ago

OK, so once again, a co-worker is asking me to recommend a place for her award lunch for which the company is paying. The budget is small -- about $15-$20 per person, inclusive, no alcohol. She's t...

Work Lunch-15 People! Yardley-Newtown Area

by ktbear 17 years ago

Hello! I'm the social liason for my department (ok, I'm the self appointed social liason)...Anyhoo, I'm trying to set up a Holiday Luncheon for my coworkers in the Yardley-Newtown Area. My co-wor...

Work lunch for 30?

by Kevin 18 years ago

My department made our quota and have been rewarded with a free lunch. Our dynamic is pretty broad- aged 24 through 50, male, female, married, single, straight, gay, black, white, jewish, etc. Al...

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