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[Under $15] Favorite Lunch Spots Near 2nd Street and Market in San Francisco

by marssy 8 months ago

I’m keeping track of the places I like to eat that are walking-distance from Second street and Market, and where I ca...

marssy commented 8 months ago

Cheap in-office catering/delivery in Brooklyn

by rfleischer 10 months ago

Hi! I'm looking for places that will deliver something as simple as a plate of sandwiches for small office meetings/g...


rfleischer commented 10 months ago

Everyday work lunches near the white house

by districtSW 11 months ago

Hi all! My company just moved offices and I am looking for some good go to lunch places. Our new office is on 15th an...

Bob W commented 11 months ago

Reheating Cooked Spinach for Work Lunch?

by Felliott 12 months ago

I have tried to look this up, but the Internet is not providing much in the way of answers. On Sundays I usually p...

C. Hamster commented 12 months ago

Help finding a good food carrier/lunch box

by 1cup 1 year ago

I'm looking for a non-plastic and non-metal food carrier/lunch box type thing. I need it to be lightweight (lots of ...

ninrn commented 1 year ago

Lunch meeting spot for 35, Domain area?

by j_o_J 1 year ago

Looking for a meeting room for a lunchtime holiday get together for about 35, close to Braker/Metric. Moderately pric...


TerryMtz commented 1 year ago

Kerrisdale Eats

by bdachow 1 year ago

Hi guys, am going to be staying in Kerrisdale for a week and need to know what's new and/or worthy. Lunches and dinn...

grayelf commented 1 year ago

Ink48 area - food, coffee, bars

by chloe254 1 year ago

I will be spending 3 days at the Ink48 hotel next week. In meetings all day and staying there every night. I am looki...


sugartoof commented 1 year ago

Help Planning Corporate Trip to Portland, ME

by amandabg365 1 year ago

Hi gang, Successfully persuaded my company to host our annual departmental meetings in Portland, ME... The challen...


kimfair1 commented 1 year ago

Lunch on a weekday

by sidd 1 year ago

Hi, I am a little out of touch regarding which NYC restaurants are the best for a special lunch. Pricewise, I am...

sgordon commented 1 year ago

What's good near 34th and 5th - moving offices

by tex.s.toast 1 year ago

After several years downtown I will be moving to a new office across from the Empire State Building on 34th between 5...

Motosport commented 1 year ago

Help w/ Downtown Chicago Lunch Spots

by docjlo 1 year ago

I'll be in town for a business conference at the Hyatt Regency (on Wacker) and need recommendations for lunch. A quic...

nsxtasy commented 1 year ago

Pranzo di Lavoro (workers lunch) at Il Vecchio | Pacific Grove

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Last month I returned to Il Vecchio for the weekday Pranzo di Lavoro or workers lunch. I was last here three years ag...

PattyC commented 1 year ago

Ideas for lunch on the go

by spoonulas 2 years ago

I am looking for any recipe or concept ideas for lunch I can take on the go. I like to bring my own lunch to work rat...

Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Lunch destination in downtown SF somewhere around Embarcadero 4 for 15

by clam94111 2 years ago

We are looking for a nice place to have Christmas lunch that does not have a crazy minimum. We were going to do one ...


clam94111 commented 2 years ago

How often do you drink at lunch during the work week?

by PaulF 6 years ago

I'm just wondering if other posters on Chowhound like to take a drink at lunch. The reason I'm asking is that amo...


donaliew commented 2 years ago

Best lunch with clients in Midtown/Time Square?

by JennyB8888 2 years ago

Hi- looking for a client lunch with about 7 people. Trade show is at the Marriot in Time Square and for time reasons ...

ipsedixit commented 2 years ago

Business lunch to impress near Doubletree 569 Lex

by Larry30030 2 years ago

Have one chance to impress in a 1.5 hour lunch within a few blocks of 569 Lex. Don't know Manhattan. Would appreciate...


Larry30030 commented 2 years ago

Madison and 24th

by eateat22 2 years ago

Folks Can anybody recommend a mid-priced lunch spot near madison and 24th to take a customer to? Looking to see if...


Pookipichu commented 2 years ago

Restaurant recs for Kennett Sq/northern DE

by E_M 2 years ago

I am bribing an expert with lunch for an hour or so of her time in the Kennett Square/Brandywine Valley area. It need...


FriedClamFanatic commented 2 years ago