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New in Worcester- The Urban- Kitchen and Bar

by Rhizome37 7 years ago

I was googling a new to me place that I passed and a yelp search popped up for Worcester. The place at the top of the list was one I had never heard of- The Urban. It is in the old Coral Seafood lo...

Worcester County Chocolate Maker?

by choch 7 years ago

Hi all, I have been googling all week and I can't believe that there isn't someone in the area making chocolates...any tips?

Worcester recommendations please!

by choch 7 years ago

Hi there, I haven't seen many recent posts on Worcester so I thought I would ask for an update. I just moved to Worcester and I'm looking for some go-to spots. I like fresh ingredients and a creati...

Just moved to Worcester, need recommendations for various meals/supplies...

by choch 7 years ago

Hi there, I haven't seen many recent posts on Worcester so I thought I would ask for an update. I just moved to Worcester and I'm looking for some go-to spots. I like fresh ingredients and a creati...

Update on Worcester, MA area please!

by Chowmse 7 years ago

Hey central Mass chowhounds, how about an update? Young adult son just moved to Worcester from home in Boston. Looking for places to eat in Worcester and surrounding area to drive out to have lunch...

Anything interesting between New London, CT and Worcester on 395?

by julia57 7 years ago

My husband and I will be driving north from the Cross Sound Ferry Dock in New London CT to our home in Portsmouth, NH on a Sunday night. 395 to 290 to 95N. Would love to find a place to stop for di...

Croissants in Worcester

by cloudship 8 years ago

Why is it so hard to find a decent croissant in Worcester? Outside of the markets and typical donut chains and Panera, does anyone make decent fresh croissants? Also, any place serve dosants/cro...

Vintage Grill - Worcester: LOBSTER ROLL!!!!

Science Chick
by Science Chick 7 years ago

We just stopped by for lunch today and were not disappointed. This was freshly picked lobster on a perfectly toasted, split hotdog roll. Lightly kissed with mayo and a few chives. Let me emphasi...

Rosalina's Kitchen-Worcester

by oldschoolshrewsburyST 7 years ago

Rosalina's Kitchen will be opening a second location on shrewsbury st. This location will have outdoor seating and serving liquor. Bringing back some real Italian back on Shrewsbury St.

Asian Market between Worcester and Newton?

Dave MP
by Dave MP 7 years ago

Are there any good Asian markets in MetroWest area, preferably close to the pike? I'll be driving from Western MA to Newton on Friday, hoping to pick up some Chinese ingredients (tofu, dumpling wra...

Worcester updates

by Rick_V 8 years ago

It's been a long time since I've seen anything on this board about New England's second largest city (!) so I thought I'd post some updates and suggestions. Thai Time on Highland Street (run by ...

Drinks and small bites halfway between Boston, Providence Worcester and Mattapoisett

Mattapoisett in LA
by Mattapoisett in LA 7 years ago

My wife and I are coming back east and staying in Wrentham and are looking to find a place where can tell friends we'll be on a weeknight and it might not be too far out of the way for folks coming...

Less common seasonal produce - Worcester area

by cods 8 years ago

Is there someplace in the Worcester area that sells foraged and/or less common seasonal produce? e.g. ramps, fiddleheads, morels and the like.

Red Pepper comes to Worcester

by Rick_V 8 years ago

For several years my friends and I have been making the drive from Worcester to Framingham to eat the wonderful Sichuan food at Red Pepper. Now, Red Pepper has come to us! It's the same owners,...

Pre Easter Sat. Night Dinner in Worcester

by phelana 8 years ago

Anything new and amazing or highly recommended for Saturday Night Pre Easter Dinner for 6 adults in Worcester? Moderate to high end American style cuisine please. Mom loves Via to give you an examp...

Worcester, Sunday meal

by henhut 8 years ago

Two couples rendezvousing in Worcester to have a Sunday meal. Early dinner, perhaps. We're not brunch fans. One of the party is very allergic to fish and seafood. Local is good. Meat OK, veg...

Weintraubs Deli, Worcester, MA

by SteveNYC 8 years ago

This is the last of the old Jewish shops in a neat little area of Worcester that is kind of undergoing a renewal. Let's hope it lasts. They have the same interior and menu (and almost the same pri...

Worcester Ma Area - Fish monger

by mvlee 8 years ago

Fillets and whole fishes? Lobsters? Good selection of oysters? Sushi grade fish? Recommendations?

Worcester Area - Butcher recommendations

by mvlee 8 years ago

Looking for Butcher recommendations. Would be interested in the standard cuts as well as odd ball. For instance, pork butt, duck legs, pork belly etc.

Sexy, Sultry ambience for drinks in the Worcester MA area?

by glthom 8 years ago

Where in the Worcester MA area would you say has a sexy, sultry ambience for food/drinks? I am thinking good lighting (dim and indirect), background music, comfy seating...a place you want to linge...