Egg Fried Rice in a Wok

by leeh88 2 months ago

Can anyone help? I've been wok cooking now with for around 6 month with a fair degree of confidence and success. My c...


leeh88 commented 2 months ago

Can anyone recommend a one-burner solution (Wok/Disco)?

by krivera1 5 years ago

Hi group, I am looking to buy an outdoor burner to be used for high-temperature wok cooking, as well as medium tem...


808girl commented 3 months ago

Did I ruin my wok?

by ayshiamo 3 months ago

Hi there! I purchased a cheap carbon steel wok at Walmart and I followed instructions I found online to season it...


saregama commented 3 months ago

WOK SIZE - does it really matter?

by cstout 3 years ago

I have a 14 inch flat bottom wok from the Wok Shop & found that I am not using it so much since it is quite large for...


redi_jedi commented 3 months ago

Hammered iron woks....

by dave_in_gva 6 years ago

I'm mulling over a wok and given the relatively cheap price I am quite seriously considering a hand hammered wok. ...


AussieWok commented 4 months ago

New Wok Burner

by GerryBrad 1 year ago

Hello to all of you who have been following the discussions here over the past year and to any newcomers who might fi...


adyoon commented 4 months ago

High heat stirfry - how can this be safe?

by fog 4 months ago

It seems the general consensus is that wok stirfries should be done at as high a temperature as possible - i.e., 600-...

hotoynoodle commented 4 months ago

Induction friendly wok?

by SY3 7 years ago

I've been using my old flat bottom steel wok on my new induction range. The wok has a 5" flat bottom, and that's the ...


JRC14 commented 5 months ago

Wok Ring for Dacor Gas Stove

by rp17 5 months ago

Because I've been stuck in apartments with electric stoves for the last several years, I've been using a flat bottom ...


rp17 commented 5 months ago

Must I trade my cast iron wok for carbon steel?

by CathleenH 5 years ago

Hello all, I have a cast iron wok. It is not a light Chinese model, but a huge, heavy flat-bottomed model. I ch...


BStat commented 5 months ago

the Shanghai wok thread (e-woks, the Cen Brothers and Mr Tao)

by stcavish 2 years ago

right, i've just been through the 568 comments on this thread about hand-hammered woks and other things: http://ch...

kaleokahu commented 5 months ago

Wok still sticking?

by leeh88 5 months ago

Hello, I'm new to the forum and desperately need some advice, this question has probably been asked a 100 times in th...

breadchick commented 5 months ago

Yet another Wok question- William Sonoma

by fayewolf 5 months ago

Just joined the Wok family - purchased 14 inch round bottom hammered wok from William Sonoma ($35, not the artisan on...


fayewolf commented 5 months ago

Will my Staub "perfect pan" function as a true wok with induction?

by drrayeye 3 years ago

With the goal of taking on new challenges in cooking, I just purchased the 12" Staub cast iron "perfect pan." It com...


JB_Induction commented 6 months ago

New Joyce Chen Wok

by Johnsons1337 6 months ago

Hello! My husband bought a new Joyce Chen carbon steel wok a little while ago. He didn't realize it needed to be se...

The Professor commented 6 months ago

Did I ruin my wok trying to season it?

by blkery 5 years ago

A while back I got a carbon steel wok and tried to follow the seasoning directions from Grace Young's The Breath of a...


cindy3910 commented 6 months ago

Fresh rice noodles, wok fried, browned but not forgotten

by silsurf 7 months ago

This will be my second attempt at making Pad See Ew. My first was OK< but what is really lacking is the slight browne...


silsurf commented 7 months ago

Need help with seasoning new wok -- tough plasticy coating?

by slopfrog 7 years ago

I've been having a hard time finding a carbon steel wok, but I got one at a discount store the other day. It's the J...


landingway commented 7 months ago

Is it ok to use the my carbon steel wok just like this?

by chantysophia 8 months ago

I bought a carbon steel wok yesterday and decided to season it as required on the label attached to the wok. Unfortu...

justbeingpolite commented 8 months ago

New Carbon Steel Wok

by DeeDee2002 8 months ago

Hi I'm new here and need some help. I recently bought a new carbon steel wok (last week) and I'm working on the seaso...


travelerjjm commented 8 months ago