Homemade Chinese Food Is Easy with These Essential Cooking Tools

If you want to cook Chinese food at home, having the right tools can be a big help. Sure, you'll want a wok, but here are a few more essential Chinese cooking tools. Chinese takeout is as ubiquitous...

Induction Cooking Tips With a Flat Bottom Wok?

by jankdc 11 days ago

We are switching over to an induction range. Currently we cook several times a week with a wok on an electric burner. I usually get the wok as hot as possible and then start cooking. I know that wi...

Carbon Steel SOS

by droolingdoggie 29 days ago

I recently bought a carbon steel wok and would like to seek your wisdom. This wok cost me $100 and thus I don't want to throw it away: 1. Do I have to wash it *immediately* after cooking? I woul...

ThunderWok Revisited

by GerryBrad 1 month ago

Hello Everyone, This is ThunderWok II, the ultimate experience in outdoor Asian cooking. I made a few improvements to this one. The new design features a deeper sink, wrist action swing faucet...

the Shanghai wok thread (e-woks, the Cen Brothers and Mr Tao)

by stcavish 5 years ago

right, i've just been through the 568 comments on this thread about hand-hammered woks and other things: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/834821?page=9 and am starting a new topic to offer so...

Best Induction Wok Hob Drop In

by peterthepooh 5 years ago

Hi, for my new kitchen I am planning to put in an induction drop in wok hob. I am located in Canada so my choices currently are limited to the following brands: -Miele CS1223 -Cooktek MWDB350...

Carbon Steel wok coating

by Oddlesofnoddles 2 months ago

I just bought a carbon steel wok from Amazon that has some kind of coating that prevents it from rusting. I followed youtube instructions rather than the actual instructions and only partially remo...

Black Spots on New Atlas Steel Wok

by dutseal 3 months ago

I just bought this brand new wok off Ebay. Followed the instruction exactly. First use blue scour pad with soap and hot water, I scrubbed off the factory finish. Dried with paper towel, set ...

Wok Selection

by momdoc 4 months ago

Which is better (if money is not an object) the Creuset Wok or the All-Clad? I use for stir fry but also for frying, making halava etc.

Cooking temperatures at 10000btu or 54000btu

by wrongasian 5 months ago

Hello foodies. I'm shopping for an outdoor grill and/or wok unit and most seem to come at 10,000btu's while several more heavy duty outputs at 54,000btu's, advertised. There seem to be a majo...

De Buyer country pan - what do you use yours for?

by babyraccoon 10 months ago

Am considering this pan as a wok substitute for my induction cooktop. I’m aware it’s not a traditional wok, too much flat bottom etc., but might like to see how it performs as one. My traditional f...

Need help with seasoning new wok -- tough plasticy coating?

by slopfrog 9 years ago

I've been having a hard time finding a carbon steel wok, but I got one at a discount store the other day. It's the Joyce Chen flat bottomed one. (Yes I know it's not authentic or very good, but i...

Seasoned Wok in just 1 wash cycle?!

by borisabrams 8 months ago

Hey! So I have a great wok that I took a good while to season (first the usual heating, smearing oil, cleaning the oil off, re-adding etc. ). I then built up some good coating through a few year...

Cleaning up a pan with brass handles?

by Inox 9 months ago

A big hey to all the fellow ookware enthusiasts out there! I just today bought a pan at a thrift store i'm almost sure is the same as the one in the page linked. If that's the case these handles ar...

Thoughts on buying a wok?

by lisaleira 11 months ago

Hey y’all! I’m thinking of buying my first wok, to stir fry vegetables. I’m afraid of toxic stuff so definitely prefer a pan that doesn’t have non stick covering. And maybe most important, I hav...

New Wok Burner

by GerryBrad 4 years ago

Hello to all of you who have been following the discussions here over the past year and to any newcomers who might find this page interesting. I hope all of you are having fun with your wok burners...

Can anyone recommend a one-burner solution (Wok/Disco)?

by krivera1 8 years ago

Hi group, I am looking to buy an outdoor burner to be used for high-temperature wok cooking, as well as medium temperature disco cooking. For those of you not familiar with a disco it is a very...

Need help identifying All-Clad Wok

by JKilvik 10 months ago

I'm trying to find a model # for an All-Clad wok I purchased about 12-15 years ago. The diameter is 10.5" with a height of 2-7/8". It has a flat bottom, 2 handles and nothing engraved on the bott...

Stainless Steel Wok

by justin89k 11 months ago

I just snagged an All-Clad copper core wok from craigslist for $25. I have been meaning to get a wok and had been considering Lodge cast iron. I'm a renter cooking on electric coils. I realize t...

Boogered up my Cen brothers wok! Grrrrr....

by wabi 1 year ago

Was multitasking making dinner the other night, put some fish on the grill, while I had my well seasoned Cen brothers wok on the stove, with some oil in it...was going to stir fry some snap peas. C...

New Wok

by mike0989 1 year ago

Now that I have a decent gas cooktop. I'm looking to get a new wok. Does anyone have any experience with the ones made by Craft Wok on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Craft-Wok-Traditional-Hamm...