Coating on wok

by redhanky 1 day ago

What is the coating on a new wok made of? I didn’t know it was there and can now see we must have eaten some of it. ...


NE_Wombat commented 16 hours ago

Wok - what kind do you prefer?

by CHSeifert 2 months ago

So I own the Mauviel M Cook wok and think it's fantastic. My GF owns a Tefal Non Stick wok, which she used 3-4 tim...


kopidrinker commented 9 days ago

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Food Wax? Pesticide? White Residue on Stainless Steel cookware

by tobsterboi 14 days ago

Over the years of using my stainless steel wok to cook vegetables (I'm Chinese we mostly fry our greens on a wok) I h...

Wok that can't use high heat

by logandesign 3 years ago

So I just bought a wok to get into stir frying, which is something I've not done before. But every recipe for stir fr...


kstars commented 1 month ago

Outdoor wok burners?

by OaklandGal 2 months ago

Another thread about woks got me wondering if anyone else here uses an outdoor high heat gas wok burner? (I know, I k...


Hiracer commented 2 months ago

carbon wok, what is step 1

by fjs08 8 years ago

Santa brought me a carbon wok. It talks about removing the lacquer with lacquer remover. Read on line on another co...


JustCharlie commented 2 months ago

Safe to eat? cooked in Chinese cast iron (I think) wok

by placebonyc 2 years ago

I mostly like the look and feel of my very lightweight Chinese cast iron wok (at least, I *think* it's cast iron), bo...


Angelus2013 commented 3 months ago

Questions about new carbon steel wok

by LeChatDomestik 3 months ago

So I'm pretty sure I didn't *ruin* my new carbon steel wok, but I did do a number on it trying to season it when I fo...


LeChatDomestik commented 3 months ago

Wok still sticking?

by leeh88 11 months ago

Hello, I'm new to the forum and desperately need some advice, this question has probably been asked a 100 times in th...


PiperBob commented 3 months ago

Help purchasing Wok

by noraanat 5 months ago

Hello, i need help purchasing a Wok. I found this gorgeous looking handmade wok on Taobao.com , but i can't read chin...


PiperBob commented 3 months ago

High heat stirfry - how can this be safe?

by fog 9 months ago

It seems the general consensus is that wok stirfries should be done at as high a temperature as possible - i.e., 600-...


BwinCA commented 3 months ago

Solidteknics Aus-Ion Satin Finish

by Libranflight 1 year ago

I had won one of their satin finish 30cm woks and it just arrived about 2 hours ago - WOW!!!! In the oven to start s...


justin89k commented 3 months ago

Has anyone tried a WokMon?

by travelerjjm 3 years ago

I was looking for wok burners last night and I saw an article about the WokMon: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/05/th...


justbeingpolite commented 3 months ago

Egg Fried Rice in a Wok

by leeh88 7 months ago

Can anyone help? I've been wok cooking now with for around 6 month with a fair degree of confidence and success. My c...


leeh88 commented 7 months ago

Can anyone recommend a one-burner solution (Wok/Disco)?

by krivera1 6 years ago

Hi group, I am looking to buy an outdoor burner to be used for high-temperature wok cooking, as well as medium tem...


808girl commented 8 months ago

Did I ruin my wok?

by ayshiamo 8 months ago

Hi there! I purchased a cheap carbon steel wok at Walmart and I followed instructions I found online to season it...


saregama commented 8 months ago

WOK SIZE - does it really matter?

by cstout 3 years ago

I have a 14 inch flat bottom wok from the Wok Shop & found that I am not using it so much since it is quite large for...


redi_jedi commented 8 months ago

Hammered iron woks....

by dave_in_gva 6 years ago

I'm mulling over a wok and given the relatively cheap price I am quite seriously considering a hand hammered wok. ...


AussieWok commented 9 months ago

New Wok Burner

by GerryBrad 2 years ago

Hello to all of you who have been following the discussions here over the past year and to any newcomers who might fi...


adyoon commented 9 months ago

Induction friendly wok?

by SY3 8 years ago

I've been using my old flat bottom steel wok on my new induction range. The wok has a 5" flat bottom, and that's the ...


JRC14 commented 10 months ago