Something on bottom of wok

by hic14 24 days ago

I just got my first carbon steel wok and followed the instructions to remove the coating. I was able to get to the po...


GH1618 commented 19 days ago

Copper Wok advice

by rueb 2 months ago

Hello! I have many tin-lined copper pieces (All Baumalu from tjmax etc) that I love. I'm trying to decide whether to ...


rueb commented 2 months ago

Seasoning a new wok

by cllmlmb 2 months ago

Hello! I bought my first wok recently and read about seasoning it online. I scrubbed the wok with steel wool, dried i...


seefoo commented 2 months ago

Did I muck up trying to season a carbon steel wok?

by sponeta 6 years ago

I finally got tired of non-stick woks and decided to get a real carbon steel wok, a Ken Hom Tao Green (because it was...


GeoKas commented 3 months ago

Has anyone tried a WokMon?

by travelerjjm 3 years ago

I was looking for wok burners last night and I saw an article about the WokMon: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/05/th...


seefoo commented 4 months ago

Wok: Joyce Chen or Wok Shop?

by rp17 4 months ago

I'd like to buy a wok and have been looking at either Joyce Chen or the Wok Shop. Can anyone say whether one is bett...


rp17 commented 4 months ago

Coating on wok

by redhanky 4 months ago

What is the coating on a new wok made of? I didn’t know it was there and can now see we must have eaten some of it. ...


NE_Wombat commented 4 months ago

Wok - what kind do you prefer?

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

So I own the Mauviel M Cook wok and think it's fantastic. My GF owns a Tefal Non Stick wok, which she used 3-4 tim...


kopidrinker commented 4 months ago

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Food Wax? Pesticide? White Residue on Stainless Steel cookware

by tobsterboi 4 months ago

Over the years of using my stainless steel wok to cook vegetables (I'm Chinese we mostly fry our greens on a wok) I h...

Wok that can't use high heat

by logandesign 3 years ago

So I just bought a wok to get into stir frying, which is something I've not done before. But every recipe for stir fr...


kstars commented 5 months ago

Outdoor wok burners?

by OaklandGal 6 months ago

Another thread about woks got me wondering if anyone else here uses an outdoor high heat gas wok burner? (I know, I k...


Hiracer commented 6 months ago

carbon wok, what is step 1

by fjs08 8 years ago

Santa brought me a carbon wok. It talks about removing the lacquer with lacquer remover. Read on line on another co...


JustCharlie commented 6 months ago

Safe to eat? cooked in Chinese cast iron (I think) wok

by placebonyc 2 years ago

I mostly like the look and feel of my very lightweight Chinese cast iron wok (at least, I *think* it's cast iron), bo...


Angelus2013 commented 7 months ago

Questions about new carbon steel wok

by LeChatDomestik 7 months ago

So I'm pretty sure I didn't *ruin* my new carbon steel wok, but I did do a number on it trying to season it when I fo...


LeChatDomestik commented 7 months ago

Wok still sticking?

by leeh88 1 year ago

Hello, I'm new to the forum and desperately need some advice, this question has probably been asked a 100 times in th...


PiperBob commented 7 months ago

Help purchasing Wok

by noraanat 9 months ago

Hello, i need help purchasing a Wok. I found this gorgeous looking handmade wok on Taobao.com , but i can't read chin...


PiperBob commented 7 months ago

High heat stirfry - how can this be safe?

by fog 1 year ago

It seems the general consensus is that wok stirfries should be done at as high a temperature as possible - i.e., 600-...


BwinCA commented 7 months ago

Solidteknics Aus-Ion Satin Finish

by Libranflight 1 year ago

I had won one of their satin finish 30cm woks and it just arrived about 2 hours ago - WOW!!!! In the oven to start s...


justin89k commented 7 months ago

Egg Fried Rice in a Wok

by leeh88 11 months ago

Can anyone help? I've been wok cooking now with for around 6 month with a fair degree of confidence and success. My c...


leeh88 commented 11 months ago

Can anyone recommend a one-burner solution (Wok/Disco)?

by krivera1 6 years ago

Hi group, I am looking to buy an outdoor burner to be used for high-temperature wok cooking, as well as medium tem...


808girl commented 1 year ago