Looking for the best food in Winston-Salem? Check out our lists of top restaurants, plus ideas for food and drink for every occasion, from business dinners to quick cocktails.


Winston-Salem fine dining

by sidcundiff 5 months ago

The best fine dining in Winston-Salem is at Ryan's, Bernardin's and if one wants to travel to Greensboro Green Valley Grill.

Krispy Kreme free doughnuts to the vaccinated

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

" . . . The chain says it will offer a free original glazed doughnut to anyone who shows their vaccination card for the rest of 2021, starting today. And the offer is not a one-time deal. Custom...

Make your own Krispy Kreme face shield

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"Andy Clockwise shows you how you can make your very own Krispy Kreme face shield using just the lid from a 12 box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, some sticky tape and a pair of scissors."

Best Hot Dogs in the Triangle?

by Guilty Gourmand 4 years ago

I know there have been prior posts on this topic in general but I don't recall seeing one in awhile and the recent overrated / underrated discussion got me thinking about this topic. In particul...

Where to find squash blossoms in Winston-Salem, NC

by Meclusuv 4 years ago

Do you know where I can find squash blossoms/zucchini flowers in Winston-Salem, NC?

Unsweet Thai food in Triad NC

by dombey 5 years ago

As title says... we relocated to Greensboro over a year ago and have been unable to find a Thai place that doesn't go completely overboard with the sugar in every dish. Wife has banned trying any...

Asian Market in or near Winston-Salem

by wreckers00 10 years ago

Looking for an asian market--hopefully Japanese, Chinese or Korean--that sells some interesting Asian products in or near Winston-Salem. Willing to go to High Pt or Greensboro, but if there's anoth...

Barbecue between Winston-Salem and Raleigh, plus Easter Sunday options

by madsdadus 5 years ago

I am spending the weekend in Greensboro. Looking for good Lexington or western-Carolina barbecue. Must be local and original. Also, I know nothing will probably be open Easter Sunday, but if you ha...

Winston-Salem, NC, near Reynolda House?

by LulusMom 6 years ago

I got a flyer in the mail about an Impressionist show at the Reynolda House museum, and was thinking it would make a nice day trip with Lulu on her next weekday day off. I know nothing about Winsto...

Good BBQ in Greensboro/Winston-Salem Area

by eldogg 6 years ago

I am from out of town and have been looking for a top bbq place for ribs/chicken in this area. I ate a Country BBQ near Greensboro this past week and all I can say is ... yuk. Simply awful. I am lo...

grass-fed burgers in winston-salem/greensboro?

by angelaf 6 years ago

We are driving through in a few days and want to find a good quality burger (at least hormone free) to feed a child, so no fine dining please. Anyone know something in the area? I saw there was som...

Raleigh to Winston-Salem Breakfast rec

by mlutsky 6 years ago

I'm flying into RDU for a 10am meeting in Winston-Salem the next day. Any recommendations for a quick breakfast? Thanks in advance.

Three Days in Winston-Salem

by boyzmom11 10 years ago

We will be in Winston-Salem (first time) for a conference and need some restaurant advice. So far I have gone through old posts and found breakfast spots - Breakfast of Course/ Mary's of Course (...

Winston-Salem/Greensboro BBQ open on Sundays

by transientinNC 7 years ago

I'm in Winston-Salem for a wedding and want to try some good NC BBQ. The wedding is taking up the shoe day Saturday, though, so I only have Sunday free to explore. Unfortunately, it looks like ev...

Restaurant in Winston-Salem with a private room?

by work2eat 7 years ago

Looking to accommodate 30-40 people for a casual soccer team gathering. Suggestions?

ISO Hidden Gems in Greensboro and Winston Salem NC

by suzroberts 12 years ago

I am looking for the best of the best in terms of small, family run, made from scratch cooking. Please let me know if you know of any 'secret' dining spots in Greensboro or Winston Salem, NC. I am ...

Winston-Salem / Salem College Area--Nice but Not Stuffy for Semi-Formal

by Guilty Gourmand 8 years ago

Where would folks recommend that a young couple dine before a semi-formal at Salem College. Looking for great food in a dressy but not stuffy environment relatively close to the college. Thanks.

Winston-Salem please help

by rcburli 8 years ago

Conference coming up in downtown WS. Please help with food options lunch and dinner. Will have car. Had a good meal at Bib's BBQ the last time I was in town.

Solo Dining Around Wake Forest University? [Winston-Salem]

by skerchner 8 years ago

I'll be staying near the university 1 night next week, and am looking for a dinner rec where I can sit at a bar, enjoy some great food (open to anything that's not a chain a la TGI McFunsters) and ...