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Where can I buy a goose in SE PA or DE?

by sal_acid 5 months ago

Janssen's in Greeneville, DE has them at $120 @. Seriously? I'd be happy with frozen for $30 or so. Any ideas?


genevapics commented 4 months ago

Lunch recommendations in Wilmington

by arepo 6 months ago

We will be going to the Delaware Theater on Water Street on a Sunday and would appreciate any suggestions for a nice ...

sal_acid commented 5 months ago

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Kao Soi in Newark Area

by chesh 5 months ago

Does anybody know of a place to find Kao Soi anywhere around Newark/Wilmington

Papa's Food Market in Wilmington

by CindyJ 1 year ago

This is so good I've just gotta share it... I just picked up 8 pounds of beautiful veal bones, cut up into manageabl...


genevapics commented 6 months ago

Krazy Kats Wilmington DE

by kmcdonne 2 years ago

Has anyone been recently, it's a beautiful setting but the food doesn't always match. Would like to try again but lo...

sal_acid commented 7 months ago

Domaine Hudson

by sal_acid 7 months ago

I haven't been there in years, for no particular reason, I just didn't make it. Ate there a week ago. Great meal, as ...

sal_acid commented 7 months ago

La Fia, Wilmington DE

by sal_acid 8 months ago

I need to go there more. Had a really great meal last night. Grilled octopus, crab and shrimp croquettes, duck breast...

CindyJ commented 7 months ago

Re: Pappy's Pizza

by ChrisInDELAWARE 10 years ago

Does anyone remember "Pappy's Pizza" on Concord Pike in North Wilmington, Delaware? I believe they shut down in the ...


mirandajo commented 7 months ago

Kosher Be the first to comment

Kosher experience in Wilmington Delaware shoprite--does it have hot food? Is it worth stopping in?

by cappucino 8 months ago

Going to be renting a yurt nearby. Yes, a yurt. My family will be roughing it, but I would like a hot rotisserie ch...

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Wilmington suggestions

by estarae 9 months ago

Visiting relatives that have just moved to Wilmington. Where should we eat? My board search doesn't find anything o...

Historic Kennett Square PA restaurant?

by Worldwide Diner 1 year ago

Taking my kids to Chadds Ford to check out carved pumpkins. Will need a place in Historic Kennett Square for lunch o...

CindyJ commented 1 year ago

Restaurants in or near Wilmington DE

by Nutraxfornerves 1 year ago

Looking for a restaurant in or relatively near Wilmington DE that will have a gift certificate or equivalent that I c...

sal_acid commented 1 year ago

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Cured meats in Wilmington

by danbee1 1 year ago

Delaware Today did a blurb on a (new?) cured meats specialty place in Wilmington going by the name of Maiale that als...

Rice...New Asian/sushi place on Limestone Rd

by sal_acid 1 year ago

Stylish decorations but so-so food. Fried pork gyoza were floppy and barely fried on their bottoms. A "special" roll...

CindyJ commented 1 year ago

Zatarain's Crawfish Boil in Delaware

by MissMoxie911 1 year ago

Is there anywhere I can find Zatarain's Crab, Shrimp, and Crawfish Boil (any flavor) in or around Wilmington Delaware...


Jaymes commented 1 year ago

Wilmington delivery options/transportation to downtown area

by sasha1 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm leaving the left coast in about a week for a business trip to Wilmington. I've never been there...


muzicman82 commented 1 year ago

Is there ANY restaurant at all worth going to in Wilmington, DE?

by milky 6 years ago

Hi, I have recently moved to Wilmington by way of NY, NY, Washington, DC and Atlanta. I have been in the restaurant i...

RC51Mike commented 2 years ago

Where Do You Find Lupini Beans Near Northern Delaware? (Wilmington)

by ThaiYouUpLongTime 2 years ago

I found some at shoprite for about $2 for 8 ounces. But I want to buy more than that (a better deal is what I'm hopin...


kmcdonne commented 2 years ago

Bistro Jacques in Wilmington, DE

by sal_acid 2 years ago

Drove past it in Little Italy last week. Menu looks really, really old school http://www.bistrojacquesde.com/menu...


MrRuffles commented 2 years ago